Asia Malaysia Video: Victim of snatch theft falls into drain

Video: Victim of snatch theft falls into drain




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A video that went viral on Facebook in Malaysia shows a victim of a snatch-theft in Kelantan, Malaysia attacked by the aggressors under the nose of a motorcyclist.

The woman was near a car when the thief is seen rushing towards her snatching her hand bag from her. The action caused her to fall backward on the road near a drain.

While it appears she was unconscious for a moment, a man on a motorbyke who saw the entire incident did nothing to help her.

The thief is seen entering a car bearing a Kedah state plate number and the driver drove off while the motorcyclist was watching.

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The motorcyclist did not go to the help of the woman, who is then seen attempting to get up but she fell in the drain.

The Facebook posting says the Kota Bharu police was alerted by a Mercedes driver.

The victim was sent to a public hospital. She suffered head injuries and lost her ID and RM200 in the bag.

The police ran the car plate number of the thieves and arrested the two suspects in a house in Kota Bahru.

A urine test of the thieves came out positive for meth. They admitted to the crime.

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