VIDEO: Rainwater seeps into Bukit Panjang LRT train through roof


A video showing rainwater seeping into a Bukit Panjang LRT train compartment from the roof of the compartment has been circulating online this afternoon:

It's raining inside Bukit Panjang LRT car No 126

Posted by Joseph Pugalendhi on Friday, 10 November 2017

According to Facebook user Joseph Pugalendhi who first posted the video online, the rain is seeping into car number 126.

When other netizens speculated that the water could be caused from air-conditioner condensation, Pugalendhi asserted that the water droplets are rain water droplets and that the air conditioner vent was far away from the area where the water droplets were seeping into the car:

This is not the first time that rainwater has been spotted leaking into train cars:

Commuters drenched by leaking roof in MRT


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