Featured News VIDEO: Police confront indignant SBS Transit bus passenger after he shouts at...

VIDEO: Police confront indignant SBS Transit bus passenger after he shouts at crying baby and harasses other passengers




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A confrontation between an SBS Transit bus passenger and the police was caught on camera by an eyewitness. According to the eyewitness, Facebook user Hilmi Hakim, the bus took a detour to the police station after the passenger created a ruckus on board the bus.

According to Hilmi Hakim, the passenger allegedly “shouted at a crying baby and said to the parent, ‘Your baby is noisy and can you keep it quiet? It’s irritating.'”

The passenger then “shouted at a lady for no reason. The lady then left the bus because she could not take it.” Hilmi Hakim says the passenger then started bothering a few girls in the bus who complained to the bus driver.

The bus driver immediately drove the bus to Macpherson police station. In the video shared by Hilmi Hakim, a few police officers can be seen in the bus, confronting the passenger and asking him to alight the bus and come into the station.

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The indignant passenger refuses to alight the bus and asserts that he did not do anything wrong. After several minutes of insisting that he is well within his rights, the passenger decides to alight the bus and follow the policemen into the station.

Watch the video here:


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