Video of violent, bloody brawl in Johor Bahru during Chinese New Year trends online


Two videos of a violent brawl that reportedly occurred across the causeway, in Johor Bahru, has been circulating on social media and on messaging application, WhatsApp.

The fight, which quickly takes a bloody turn, supposedly happened during the Chinese New Year period. One of the clips shows a man being hit several times over the head with beer bottles as blood gushes from his head.

It is unclear what caused the altercation, which has caused intense damage outside the coffeeshop it took place in:


    • Are you a Malaysian working in Singapore? You from JB? Why so defensive? If it happened in JB, then it happened in JB. No use hiding behind the computer screen as “Anonymous” to bluff your grandmother that it did not happen in JB. Lol!

  1. Hahhaha fail at fight try fight also can not they pussy sia know cannot fight already then ask friend come help hope they have brain damage oh wait they didnt have one in the first place sorry .Lmao

  2. I was so afraid someone is gonna pull out a knife.
    If this happened in my hometown, highly unlikely this fight will last more than a min. Some down grade brainless will pull out a knife or machete and start stabbing and slicing.
    Everyone brings a knife in northeast China, don’t ever pick a fight in the northeast, we have people that don’t think twice or just couldn’t be fucked to think about bringing a knife to a fist fight.
    Hope everyone speedy recovery and receive adequate punishment

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