Video of two men fighting on board MRT train and falling on commuters goes viral


An edited video of two men fighting on board an MRT train, falling onto other commuters mid-scuffle, has been going viral online. It is unclear exactly when the incident occurred.

In the video, a Chinese man and an Indian man argue before the Chinese man grabs the Indian man shirt and says, “You give me your number. You follow me ah, to the police station ah”.

The confrontation quickly escalates into a violent fistfight as the two men try to hammer each other while falling over empty seats in the train compartment, besides falling on top of commuters seated in the train. Several commuters can be seen trying to intervene, including a boy wearing an Orchid Park Secondary School t-shirt who tries to help break up the fight:

两个年轻人在地铁内打架。Fight inside MRT

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While the video has been shared on Twitter and several Facebook accounts, garnering hundreds of thousands of views, a man identifying himself as the Indian man involved in the altercation has stepped forward and asked one person who shared the video to take it down.

The man, Facebook user Roshan Raja, alleged that the Chinese man picked a fight with him for no reason and fled when Raja called the police:

Police reportedly confirmed that a complaint has been lodged and that investigations are ongoing.