Video of St Hilda’s students fighting in class as adult looks on goes viral


A video of students hurling vulgarities and fighting while an adult looks on has gone viral on social media. It is unclear when or why the incident happened. It is also unclear if the adult looking on at the fight is a teacher. Another student eventually breaks up the fight.

The Vice-Principal of the school has since clarified that the incident happened on Monday and that the man seen “doing nothing” to stop a fight in St Hilda’s Secondary School is “an intern with an external agency” without the “authority” or “training” to deal with such situations.

The intern who is from an external agency chanced upon the incident when he was walking along the corridor, and he had called out to the students to stop the fight but they did not heed him, the VP said.

The VP further said that the school has taken “appropriate disciplinary measures” and have also counselled the students involved. They are also working with the students’ parents to “learn from the incident”.


  1. So many bystanders none came forward to stop the fight right from the onset … almost ending a brave boy came from outside stepped into e class to break out the fight ….very pathetic seeing those bystanders boys n girls including e adult completely lacking in human emotions …another human beaten …stood there like nothing happen .. what kind of a generation is this ? Two bigger size boys against one smaller built boy … what is education all about to score As only in exam ?? Where is the empathy ?

  2. The Mafia Scholars.
    Don’t understand what ‘CB’ they hurling as they are from a women womb.
    Hurling those ‘French’ is like whiny cowards skin to ‘cry father cry mother’.
    Whine their parents name.

  3. Anything less than public caning for the offenders would mean this society is condoning and promoting violence and LHL should look at this as 1 of its many severe social problems that are plaguing our rotten Singapore. It will never get better. So let’s see what our government do about it.

  4. It certainly is shocking to see these violence in St. Hilda School.

    Anyone here can help to call up their discipline master to report this fighting incident?

    It is horrible that some kids learn about violence and fight with each other.

  5. This kind are pamper and need a ex-gangster to teach them how to behave loh. But who will buy this with todays context of using soft and kind word coax as the only best way to teach…..hope all will remember the word “balance”.

  6. No boys will be boys. Part of the the human sociobiology syllabus is all about the woman’s reproductive organ. CB is very important word. It releases frustrations that these children go through in this country. Furthermore the stress point of the word CHI has such a releasing effect and actually a final greeting to ‘bye’

  7. These vulgarities are for the back streets and market places. Not for places of learning! Think our family moral values have gone to the swines in our chase for materialistIC goals.

  8. “The Vice-Principal of the school has since clarified that… is “an intern with an external agency” without the “authority” or “training” to deal with such situations.”

    Seriously how trained do you have to be before you step in to stop school bullies???

    And “authority”?? Everyone has the right and authority to stop violence. In fact one is expected to do so!

  9. Big size guy, hope you can read my message

    You punch your classmate shorter and smaller than you, you still need a helper

    Suggest transfer you and your buddy to separate school

  10. Latest news just revealed person concerned is not a teacher. He was an intern from an external agency. Not even teaching the class. He was walking in the corridor when he saw the fracas taking place. Asked them to stop fighting but they ignored him.

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