Video of Malay girls fighting and pulling each other’s hair goes viral overnight


A video of two Malay girls fighting with one another in the middle of a Singapore road has gone viral overnight with nearly one thousand shares.

The videos show two girls, one dressed in a white t-shirt and the other dressed in a black top, pulling at each other’s hair and brawling as another woman wearing a tudung can be seen warning them to abstain from pulling the other’s hair. Another lady who is filming the altercation can be heard piping in, as well.

The exchange is entirely in Malay and roughly translates to:

Woman in white: Ok, we’re about to start this fight.
Woman in tudung: Why are you running away, pukimak (Malay for “your mother’s vagina”)?
Woman in white: What do you mean I’m running away?!
Camerawoman: Eh, kimak, hair-pulling is such a lame move.
Woman in tudung: Hair-pulling is not gentle, ah sial. Hair-pulling is not gentle, pukimak.
Camerawoman: Huh, is that all you’ve got?

A second video shows the girls on the ground holding on to one another’s hair while bystanders try unsuccessfully to extricate them.

The daughter of one of the girls also tries to urge her mother to go home, to no avail, as bystanders warn them that they will call the police:

Bystander 1: Let go, let go. Come on, it’s ok.
Woman in black: I’ve already released her hair!
Bystander 2: You have to let go, she’s already letting go. Tell your mother that she has to let go.
Daughter: Let go of her hair, mother. Let go!
Woman in black: You still don’t want to let go, right?
Bystander 2: What’s the issue? Let go and talk about it. You can settle anything.
Bystander 2: We are going to call the police if you want to do that. Let go.
Bystanders: We have given you both chances.
Camerawoman: Stand up first, a car is going to cross the road.
Woman in black: But she’s not letting go of my hair!