Video of girl being hurled violently after struck by motorcycle, netizens debate road rules

Photo: Facebook/

A video showing a girl dashing across the road and colliding head-on with a motorcycle has been circulating online and on Whatsapp messenger. In the video, a girl can be seen crossing the road in between cars, but being unnoticed by a motorcycle travelling fast. The motorcyclist fails to see the girl as she is blocked by a van and the vehicle strikes her. Both the girl and the motorcyclist fall rather badly.

When traffic stops because of the accident, other pedestrians trying to cross the road up ahead seize the opportunity to dash across the road as well, not helping the girl or the motorcyclist.

The video has garnered over 56,000 views since it was shared yesterday on Facebook group

Netizens responding to the video debate road traffic rules and what exactly jaywalking constitutes.