Video of clubbers assaulting bouncers, staff and police officers in violent brawl goes viral


A massive brawl was caught on camera where patrons of ENVY Dance Club, located at St James Power Station, began to assault the employees of the nightclub.

A video of the brawl – which is believed to have occurred on 11 Nov – has been going viral online. While the exact cause of the brawl is unclear, it appears to have begun when a patron tossed a beer cup at a bouncer.

What started as a relatively small-scale altercation between the patron and the bouncer quickly morphed into an all-out riot as more patrons became embroiled in the fight. Chaos erupted as the majority of clubbers in the arena excitedly joined the fray.

All hell broke loose as furniture began flying and human bodies began falling over as the brawl kept growing more rowdy and a wild stampede began to take shape:

Posted by Xiao Bao on Monday, 13 November 2017

Posted by Xiao Bao on Monday, 13 November 2017

Posted by Patrick Tan on Monday, 13 November 2017

The brawlers in the video can also be heard chanting some slogans in the videos of the incident. Commenters on forums like Hardwarezone have asserted that the chants are chants of gang slogans, although the exact words of the chant are difficult to decipher.

ENVY Dance Club has since released a statement on the matter, asserting that it strictly does not condone such rowdy activity.

Revealing that police officers were also attacked and that several perpetrators have been apprehended, the club urged individuals with more information to step forward:

“Dear valued customers, with regards to the recent assault on our security officers, staff and police officers, we are conducting investigations with the help of the SPF. We ENVY Dance Club strictly do not condone such rowdy actions and will protect the public interests at all costs. We apologise for any dismays caused during the enforcement for safety and protection. Various perpetrators have already been taken down. Anyone with more information that can help do pm us. Your identity will be kept strictly confidential. Thank you for the concern.”

Dear valued customers, with regards to the recent assault on our security officers, staff and police officers, we are…

Posted by ENVY Dance Club on Monday, 13 November 2017


  1. Call Police SOC to come in with shield and baton then whack them. KNN give chance to drink alcohol don’t know how to appreciate. Kena clamp down like little india then you goons KPKB.

  2. Such A Heritage building also become ugly nightspots This happened very frequently with Gang society from various races Police should cancelled the Licences or restrictions on operating hours If police want to apprend the Society members This is the best places after Mid night!!!

  3. Pretty ridiculous that you still get to see this in Singapore. Sometimes you wonder why these morons are still living when in an ideal world, all of them should be executed in cold blood for having no purpose in life anymore except to be a bane to society, their parents and more importantly, to other potential patrons. It’s like sometimes you wish to enter a club but you see all these low-lives loitering outside it and you start to wonder, do you really want to be in the same room as a bunch of intellectually-inferior fucktards? Do you want to be contaminated by these lowest of low filthy pigs? Then you realised it’s not worth it. Because you have everything to lose but these asses have nothing to lose. Ok, maybe their ass virginity in prison. But then again, can you be sure this is true for the majority of them?

  4. a real gangster will still have some ethics to follow such as DO NOT disturb people do biz….. if they have a problem they shld have brought the fight elsewhere….. Don’t think insurance is gg to cover such damages and losses to biz owner

  5. though such places , fights are commons to idiots , two hands to clap also be it whoever drunk or whatsoever. if all wanna find trouble will fight liao but mostly also by cowards whom either big sizes or more people hence dare to fight if solo there confirm gg

  6. Here’s what will happen.
    1) Club will get 10-15 demerit points, maybe a fine.
    2) Club management, owners will go to Cantonment for “Interview”
    3) Bouncers who were fighting will get sacked and will never work as bouncers again.
    4) The people who beat the police will get 2-3 years jail.
    5) Those who seem to be fighting in groups will be chared with rioting.
    6) Those chanting gang songs will be investigated by SSB and will get ISA detention.

  7. Seriously clubs like this has been a hotbed for gangsterism. There are already so many cases of violent fights. Maybe ISA act is the only solution to lock them away for long and it will serve as deterence.

  8. It better to close down the club in that area to solve the problem once and for all.
    Too much brawl, fights been reported after those idiots under influence of liquor, beers etc

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