Video of Amos Yee inviting guests emerges



A reader of TISG sent us a video of Amos Yee inviting guests to attend his talk at Harvard today. In the video, Yee gloats about how impressed Harvard was with his work on taking on the government and for “humping the Quran,” the holy book of Islam.

Yee was planning for a 90min Q&A session and was making arrangement to air his speech live.

He was quite certain that Hardvard, given its stance on free speech will not succumb to pressure online to cancel his talk. He challenged his haters to do what they can.

In a twitter post, Harvard College Open Campus Initiative posted the following tweet to cancel the event. No specific reason was given.

Watch his video below:


  1. Earlier in the year, in a Feb. 27 blog article of mine, I coined the term ‘amosization’ in Amos’ honor to describe the fiasco he and his asylum-planning gang, namely his quondam mentor Melissa Chen, had created for themselves right out of the very gate, literally… so landing him in the hole for the ensuing 10 months. Now, with this HCOCI fiasco, Amos has incredibly ‘amosized’ himself so soon again — but this time all by his lonesome, without any help from Melissa Chan as they have now fallen out. Just check out the attached Amos vid clip and determine for yourself if he duly deserves the term coined in his honor.

  2. He might have some good reason for his actions in Singapore but his foul mouth; little too much for Harvard’s to take in. Considering the reputation it has, Or may be diplomatic push not to have him.

  3. His life has already been ruined by his mother and his obsession with the Social Media.

    The right thing to do would be to study hard and join politics if he really wanted to challenge the PAP, but all that is too late for him now.

    Good luck feeding him till he turns 80.

  4. Gosh now he is cursing his father for screwing his mother thus blaming them for producing him into a bumb and a jerk!

  5. Amos Yee should have been brought to Institute of Mental Health for psychiatric treatment.. he’s unhappy abt every single thing including himself.
    It’s okay for him to get wasted but too much for his poor parents..

  6. After all the hullabaloo, What has he got of value to offer…really? Think about it.
    His only home run was his “LKY Is Dead” gloating video. What traction does he have in the US where these free expression are a dime a dozen. He’s just a tiny tadpole in a big pond yelling his head off. He’s got nothing to offer. No one cares about a teenagers lament about a tiny Asian country in the Fear East. We are insignificant. He ought to get a job instead of begging.

    • Sorry your opioniin is not of majority…many citizens admire his guts and he is not not a brainwashed nut like many not knowing the ‘real’ Sin city here.
      Good that he has exposed the rubbish going ons here.
      We need more smart people like him in Stinkypore

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