Video of 4 senior men fighting over 1 ex-girlfriend at Yishun coffeeshop goes viral online

A violent fight broke out between four senior men at the S-11 Food House at Block 744 Yishun Street 72 on Sunday (11 Mar) night. According to the Chinese daily, the brawl was over a woman who is believed to be the current girlfriend of one man and the ex-girlfriend of another.

A video of the brawl has been circulating online and shows the fight begin between a man with a ponytail and a man in red who launch into a profanity-filled argument before fighting with plastic chairs scattered in the coffeeshop.

As patrons of the coffeeshop try to intervene and break the men apart, a woman in red enters the fracas and uses a broom to beat the men, before she gets kicked herself. At this point, a man in white and a man in blue get into a scramble, as well:


Posted by Allan Lim on Sunday, 11 March 2018

The video of the incident, that was posted on a Facebook group by Allan Lim, has been shared over 15,000 times.

Reporters who visited the incident site found that at least two of the men were over the age of 70 and that the patrons who intervened were afraid that something serious might happen.

Police, who were alerted to the fray around 9.20pm on Sunday, are reportedly investigating the incident.


  1. Only 2 involved with ref to elderly girlfriend… the ponytail and the red white T-shirt. The huge bald guy wanted to be peace maker but the blue t-shirt sharing same table as red white T-shirt, didn’t like it and they fought. When the blue t-shirt was pushed to the floor, he then retreated realising he no match for the bald. Finale

  2. Silly old men. If each of them stand outside any CPF office with a long green umbrella there will be many young foreign women fighting over them instead.

  3. Pls lo….so old fight what? Drink liao happy go home sleep la….fight later injure here must spend money go see doc. Wait money not enough hor? Haizz…..alreadt half leg inside grave still so violent!

  4. Nonsense, nothing else to do all these stupid useless old men, dun pity them even they died, crazy just know

  5. Dun pity all these old men even they died nothing else to do ,what era now, that why not woman create problems it is all these sex maniac

  6. Plenty of clowns around, the fighters , the filmers and the stoners who still stood their ground drinking kopi in the midst of the fight, the apathy is astounding!

  7. Sickening men with sickening lives!! The one who recorded this video is also another sick man. Laughing and giggleling away through out the whole recording. What’s so happy about?? Really don’t understand?? Life is so short and these people are wasting time on drinking, fighting, recoding nuisance n woman issues…?? Poor n sick life!!

  8. The incidence proved wisdom does not come necessary come with age !!! Age of the 4 men combined at least 200+ years still acting like 18 years old kid !!! bo liao !!!!

  9. This is over local women in her 60s, not over foreign women issue. Strange when people of that age should be going more spiritual and still believe they immortal . Luckly . No one got seriois head injur as plastic chairs were used as weapons to hit each other. This is 2 old man and 1 old women girlfriend issue of in their 60-70s.

  10. All these lau heroes fight over a piece of old abalone, real stupid and madness. At their age they still wanted to play hero in front of the aunt. Haha

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