VIDEO: Man who plans to attack young man with cleaver for “scolding” him is stopped by wife


A video of a man threatening another young man for “scolding him” has surfaced online. In the video, the older man initially approaches his target with a cleaver knife before he is stopped by a hysterical woman who appears to be his wife who pries the cleaver from his hand, screaming for him to stop.

The older man then attacks the other man with his hands, which the victim is able to fend off. After seeing that the tense standoff below a HDB block is more calm, the wife proceeds to leave for their apartment. Her husband too stalks off after yelling vulgarities at the young man and accusing him of “scolding” him.

The young man can be seen trying to apologise to the other man, perhaps in an effort to resolve the situation which eventually pays off. A few onlookers who appear to be the young man’s companions can also be seen at the scene.

Posted by Jek Joo Chia on Friday, 21 July 2017



  1. Picture this….. more to come.

    Cyclist & PMD users feeling so entitled to the pavements & footpaths just because some bloody fools gave them a blank cheque to “share path”….. Rudely passing pedestrians with vulgar signs or language….. what you think will ensue ?

  2. Already way pass sunset age liao …..still so hot temper , for what purpose and to what end??
    If young man pound on him even 1 to 1 manly fight , older man at disadvantage lah ! So lacking in wisdom …..haiz ….
    Carry cleaver already on the very wrong side of the law ……if spf around , sure kana arrested for having a dangerous weapon with intent to fight , in the public !
    Uncle …mellow down and enjoy your remainder sunset time with your family ,be happy always as life is so very shot in a blink of an eye , one is gone ………..

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