VIDEO: Japanese men are marrying anime characters

Screen shot of Japanese man marrying his beloved Anime Character

Could this be the future of marriage?

Japanese men are now getting married to anime charactersCredit: Ruptly

Posted by Viral Thread on Thursday, 6 July 2017

Seriously? Yesterday we published the story of a teen who married an aged woman with whom he fell so much in love that he would have committed suicide if not allowed to marry her.

Now this: A man fell so much in love with a game character that he went through an elaborate ceremony to marry his Anime lover, a character who lives only in virtual reality.

Yes, someone actually married an Anime character in a virtual reality wedding ceremony and the ceremony took place in a real chapel!

He also took photos with the character’s card board cutting, standing next to it but he was not holding ‘her’ hand as there were none to hold.

During the craziest of wedding ceremonies, the man kissed rubber lips at the end, to make it appear that he kissed his new Anime wife.

His VR wife now lives inside of a HTC Vive VR headset that he had to wear to fulfil his marital vows.

Screen shot of Anime Characters

The portal said in Loquacious terms: Welcome to the future people. Marrying actual human beings is so passé (paˈsā/). Anime character from a game though, is the new thing.

“A romance and dating simulator, Niitzuma LovelyxCation is a game developed by Japanese studio Hibiki Works, and lets players court any one of its three anime characters.

“Players can eventually marry these characters in real life wedding ceremonies held in actual chapels,” the site said.