Victoria’s Secret Chinese model tumbles on the ramp: netizens slam her for being unprofessional


A Chinese model has apologised to her country after falling down on the runway of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai.

Ming Xi, who is known as Xi Mengyao in China, tumbled on the ramp of the iconic lingerie fashion show after accidentally tripping on the chiffon train of her ensemble on the heel of her thigh-high gladiator shoes. Laughing on her knees before trying to regain her bearings, Xi was helped up by Oliveira, another model strutting behind her.

The 28-year-old issued the apology on social media: ‘I’m sorry to let everyone down. Thanks for everyone’s concern.’

This did not spare her from netizens’ harsh criticisms, mainly coming from her motherland, despite other heartwarming messages of comfort sent to her.

In a viral story circulating on Wechat entitled “Why Xi Meng Yao doesn’t deserve a pity,” popular blogger Shiyuan from China listed the reasons why Xi should be “out of the game.” The story had been liked more than 100,000 times.

Xi Mengyao @ Victoria's Secret

???? Chinese model Xi Mengyao takes a tumble at Victoria's Secret's Shanghai fashion show.????

Posted by Shanghaiist on Monday, 20 November 2017

The blogger noted that this was the first time in the history of Victoria’s Secret fashion shows that a runway model has had a tumble. She also noted that the model fell despite countless training sessions on the stage and in the gym that Victoria’s Secret models undergo.

The blogger then pointed out that the model was acting like a butterfly before her fall, supposedly looking cheap, instead of paying attention to her steps.

The most awkward, and the most unacceptable offence, according to the blogger, was the model’s reaction after the stumble. Ming Xi was seen giggling, touching her hairdo, without an attempt to stand up immediately, for “a good 10 second”, she wrote.

The blogger wrote:

“She had done everything a professional model not supposed to do.
“This is not your grocery wet market, but a spotlight that the whole world pays attention to… A mistake is not to be looked down, but acting dumb is a problem.”

The blogger then compared Xi with Miranda Kerr, a prominent supermodel who pretended nothing happened when one of her red heels slipped off her left foot. Unfazed, Kerr continued walking elegantly with one tip-toed bare foot.


  1. *****
    Dun be surprised if this PRC blogger later unearthed the PRC model was selected becoz of a CCP sugar-daddy than her *professionalism*.
    After all, “guanxi” open doors.
  2. I wanted to say don’t keep attacking people when they fell but after seeing how the china model was walking before she fell, yes, she deserve it. Totally unpro before the fall and that was what caused the fall in the first place.

    • Obviously! Its not the fall that disgraced her and her country. Its the way she model her outfit and walk down the runway.
      No. 1 rule on runway: Be Professional and model the outfit!
      Not act like an excited little girl putting on her prom dress for the first time.
      *slap forehead*

    • Its victoria secret runway, they suppose to work the crowd that way..she tripped on her long train and fell.atleast she stood up and continued strongly and still a victoria secret model…what are you exactly?

    • Someone who had walked the runway before. I have seen countless falls and accidents. Some even fell into the sidepool. Like I said, its not the fall. All models must get up and continue the show. Its their job. It is a fact that she is not pro. Victoria’s Secret models don’t walk the runway like this one. Modelling industries are harsh world. People are being gracious about the fall, not about her professionalism.
      Do we need to be some big shots to comment here anyway?

    • May Chong she literally did that…she stood up after she properly put back whatever that shit on her back then goes over her head properly.did you even watch the video? The runway you walked on, was there a loud engine sound? Cause that probably is the one for a plane..did one hit you on the head?

  3. Pls do not slam her for falling down!
    She did not deliberate fall down to embarrass herself &/or Victoria Secret.

    I hv watched fashion shows where Models wore super high heels & tumbled!
    Yet the audiences clapped with encouragement when she got up.

    At an international Super Model contest, The contestants walked on glass runway with pool of water on both sides of the runway. Do you know how slippery it was ???

    A few international models fall into the water, 2 Models fall again after getting up, yet the audiences did not slam them.
    There was expression of concern for the fallen Models and they all clapped when she got up in support for the Models.
    Ask Tyra Banks !

    During Miss Universe Contests, there was a couple of beautiful Contestants who represented their country but they fall while parading the glamorous gowns.
    Audiences worldwide watched but no one slammed them.

    Try to understand tt incidents as such do happen and not because this chinese model is unprofessional.
    Give her a chance to build her professional career!
    Give her a break!

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