Veteran radio personality Hamish Brown questions Halimah Yacob’s independence to be Elected President


Prominent radio personality Hamish Brown has questioned if Presidential hopeful Halimah Yacob is as indeed independently-minded as she has claimed in a newspaper interview. In an interview with The New Paper Madam Halimah illustrated an incident where she abstained from voting on an issue after the Whip was listed, to make a point that she not always followed the directions of her political party elders in the People’s Action Party.

“An occasion she remembered clearly was when she abstained from voting on amendments to the Human Organ Transplant Act in Parliament in 2007. Changes tabled by then Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan would allow organ recipients to reimburse donors’ expenses if they wished. She was concerned that this would lead to poor people being persuaded to “sell” their organs. The party whip was lifted, and she abstained, sending a strong signal of her misgivings.  She recalled: “I decided not to say yes. I didn’t ask the Health Minister how he felt, but I can still remember the expression on his face.””

Writing in his Facebook Mr Brown said, abstaining from voting doesn’t send a signal that she agrees or disagrees. That Madam Halimah’s decision only showed that her position was a non-committal one.

“…but abstaining from voting during the Human Organ Transplant Act parliamentary sitting doesn’t show that you do not toe with the party line, it only shows that between standing with voters who agree and voters who don’t, your action was neither, rather your decided course of action was to abstain from voting altogether, an act that really means, I prefer not to stand for either option and just be a fence sitter (so if the proverbial s@&/,! Hit the fan, you would go on record as not having been party to it either way) that’s what abstaining from taking a stand or voting means.”

Mr Brown further suggested that meritocracy as it is practiced in Singapore, went out the window as soon as this presidential election was reserved for one particular ethnic race over all others.

I'm sorry to disappoint you Madam Yaacob but meritocracy went out the window as soon as this presidential election was…

Posted by Hamish Brown on Sunday, 3 September 2017


    • She sees the facial expression of only ONE person, her paymaster’s, but has no eyes for the pained facial expressions of Sgreans who have to cope with high cost of living and the threat of their jobs being stolen by cheaper FT.

    • She has made so many errors b4 taking the seat….lets see more of her circus show in President shoes…i heard she apologises b4 making speeches for not being a good speaker

  1. There is a new level of wayang. They are pushing the envelope. No great loss whoever becomes president as the president is essentially a lame duck. It just gives them a reference point on how far the envelope can be pushed

  2. Meritocracy was never practised, it’s only being used as a cover for nepotism n cronyism. Every lie requires at least 2 others for cover up until there’s confusion and entanglement. This is what is happening

  3. This whole farce stinks to the core.
    Nothing the enactors of this scheme can say or do to convince the general population, old or new, the sensibility and integrity of this Presidential Election. It truly has turned into a comedy show that inevitably ends up being laughed and ridiculed at by Singaporeans of all races.

  4. And it’s extremely ridiculous for her to say that it’s meritocratic because all the “Malay” candidates must qualify. To an intellectually impotent disgrace to the NUS law faculty, that’s the interpretation of Meritocracy. She has not heard of the conventional interpretation that meritocracy means choosing the best from ALL the candidates who are available.

  5. When LKY die the new leader Abolished meritocracy in this country. That’s why we are in such a shit hole now. U vote for your own grave and u kill each other Singaporeans. We will be divided soon.

  6. She is elected to make sure there is meritocracy; the rights of even the minority not only the upper class or a certain class defined by the very ppl who has control. It’s time the fair sex breaks the glass ceiling too… this is about common sense n common ppl?!?!

  7. This PE is one sided affair the moment it is reserved. So what is next “Reserve seat”. The list can go on to the liking of the govt. PE SHOULD BE always open to the best candidate of that time. Delete the the word metri…..and insert reserve.

  8. This EP is an eye-opener for the Chinese majority.

    Since when we have meritocracy? We have nothing to throw out of the window. Because we never had any in the first place

    No Malays in Critical Defence Service, earlier Malays in 60s and 70s in a limbo for not accepted to NS, Malay Students studying in Madrasah sidelined even if the students got excellent PSLE results to join elite MOE schools, jobs still opened to priorities for Chinese-speaking (good excuse to get Chinese employee).



  9. Ah Loong has done a great disservice to the Malays, who all these times have earned their spurs through hard work and meritocracy, by this Malay-only EP nonsense. I believe many S’poreans are level-minded people who will vote for whoever that can best serve their interests regardless of his or her race. I would definitely vote for a Malay candidate, for sentimental reasons, even if he/she is pitted against a Chinese in an open election. Loong…most of us are colour-blind and not as racist as the Gahment make us to be.

  10. So clear cut. MP back door crawl thru GRC!! President backdoor Crawl thru Reserved like leaving a tissue on hawker centre table !!! Chope the seat, use Toilet Paper Lah !!

  11. If you want to have a racial balace, then we should introduce a co-presidency system. A 4-person presidential committee of which all are equal, and one must be from each traditional CMIO group in Singapore.

  12. They needed a puppet who will allow them to dip into the national reserves. Like SRN n TT….HY will serve their purpose by not questioning them. A probing and independent President is something that they are trying to avoid. There must b alot to cover up.

  13. Is this lowest Sgp government can go? I hope so. Rolled eyes!! Rolled eyes!! PM Lee is so so er…what should I say: low? lower? lowest? Anyway, go figure lah.

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