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Veteran architect on steps to Singapore’s new future: We must overcome fear because fear invites attack

Tay Kheng Soon outlined 12 steps that he feels would lead to better things for the country




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Tay Kheng Soon, a veteran architect and adjunct professor at the National University of Singapore outlined twelve steps he thought would help achieve Singapore’s new future.

He wrote that, “we must overcome fear because fear invites attack as any animal lover knows. It’s a law of nature to kill the weak to preserve the species”.

His first step expressed a rather unpopular opinion in Singapore, and he suggested that scholarships be given to Singapore’s immediate neighbours so as to enable our students to foster ties with foreigners.

“Our students will also develop deep understanding of the region they live in. We gain. We dont (sic) lose”.

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Mr Tay also expressed rather novel ideas in his 12-step suggestion. He wrote, “Turn all our HDB estates into Campuses so that as people go about the routines of everyday life they become smarter. Schools upstairs and civic and commercial downstairs all linked together like the Chi Meridian of the human body”.

Step 8 and step 9 were to open up many job placements in the market.

“Step 8: Singapore builds a new type of short-haul vertical take off and landing on any football field SkyBus to link the entire 200km diameter in minutes.

Step 9: This aircraft built in Singapore will create 100,000 jobs with a market in Indonesia, indochina, India and Africa, a huge market”, he added.

His reasons for suggesting twelve new changes Singapore should implement – “Singapore needs to re energise its leadership class”, he said.

By way of explanation, and the last step in his list, Mr Tay said, “Singapore becomes the beacon in the Asian landscape that would have transcended our size and expanded our scale and scope in a zero carbon way utilising the region’s geothermal, renewable energy and advanced nuclear energy to totally recycling, reforestation and re-energising our own people in the process”.

12 Steps to Singapore's new future: we must overcome fear because fear as a country because fear invites aggression as…

Posted by Tay Kheng Soon on Monday, June 17, 2019

While many netizens who commented on his post said that his ideas were quite far-fetched, they did also suggest that Mr Tay go into politics and materialize some of them. -/TISG

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