Lifestyle Venomous remedy for male impotence?

Venomous remedy for male impotence?

Spider venom could be the cure for erectile dysfunction




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Scientists have found this bizarre option just may be the cure for male impotence.

Based on a study, the most venomous spiders in the world secrete a toxin that has the ability to produce a substance to aid men and improve their bedroom performance.

The Brazilian Wandering Spider from the genus Phoneutria, which in Greek means ‘murderess’ (female murderer) can kill people with a small bite, especially children.

A team of Brazilian scientists have developed a gel using this exotic spider’s toxin and they believe with this erectile dysfunction will soon be a thing of the past.

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They claim this venom is “more effective than Viagra.”

The BZ371 substance is brought by the priapism or the persistent and painful erection caused by the spider’s bite to men.

Reducing the pain effect, studies used the toxin in a very small amount to double the penis’ blood flow. In a clinical trial, this led men to have an erection for half an hour without any side-effects.

Experts cited the gel boosts nitric oxide found in the male’s body, dilating the blood vessels as more blood is pumped, stimulating the penis.

The study also suggests that the venom could help women with declining libidos.

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