Valet Company defends driver against bully customer


A local valet service company has called out a customer for being “vulgar and aggressive” to one of their drivers after the customer’s friend vomited in his car.

Drive Home Service Singapore wrote on their Facebook page that the customer refused to pay and picked on their “most humble” driver who was working on a Sunday night to support his family.

The company asserted that it will not acquiesce to bullying and posted photos of the customer, his car plate and the following message online:

You needed a driver (even from East Coast Park lagoon to CCK n Jurong West, we provided one. You needed to drop a friend home, we followed your instructions. But we didn’t tell your friend to vomit in your car!!
You wanted us to drive you to nearest car wash near your house and we did. Along the way you couldn’t stand the smell of vomit in your new car and got angry with your friend, why take it out on our driver? Why be vulgar and aggressive with Uncle Kumar?
Upon reaching the petrol station you refused to pay and even challenged a bystander who tried to mediate after seeing you verbally abuse our driver? You even boasted you had money to the police but refuse to pay unless our driver washed the car for you??!!
Uncle Kumar is one of our most humble, obliging and patient drivers we have. He came to work on a Sunday night to earn a little more to support his family and to ensure drinkers get home safely. Why pick on him when it’s your friend that dirtied your car?!
We will be lodging a police report against you not for the $38.00 you refuse to pay but for the way you took our driver for granted and for your bullying act.
To all other drive home valet service providers, this may happen to your drivers as well. Don’t ever let this or any other bullies take our drivers for granted. We are only providing a service to keep our roads safer and to ensure drinkers get home safe.

You needed a driver (even from East Coast Park lagoon to CCK n Jurong West😲), we provided one. You needed to drop a…

Posted by Drive Home Service Singapore on Sunday, 23 July 2017


  1. Well done to Drive Home Service for standing by their driver. These fukking drunk customers who vomit in the car should be made to pay compensation.

  2. Reveal the name of the customer and his vehicle number so that others in the same service industry know who to watch out for! Good for you to report him to the police and sue him as well!

  3. Only a Volkswagon…I though its some super cars ..LOL
    Drive Home Service Well Said!
    I hope this car owner will wake up his idea after his alcohol wear off.
    Don think you have a bit of money you can push people around.There are others who is far richer than you.New Car so what? Its not yours yet till you pay of your installments with the bank.

  4. Some people are really a pain in the A… just becos they got some money. Come on, poor uncle Kumar is just early some extra $$$ to support this family , why make things difficult? KARMA….

  5. Why make life be difficult for others. Your life might be just “little better” than others, why show off. It is the “Rich In Our Heart”, that is more important. Always be good and kind, Remember, God have Eyes To See.

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