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US woman cuts hole in mask so that it is “a lot easier to breathe”

Worker takes and posts video of customer making a quick trip to store




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The video of an American woman who wore a face mask to a store in Lexington, Kentucky, has gone viral, as she had cut a hole in it so that it was “a lot easier to breathe”.

The woman has became a world-wide example of what not to do during the Covid-19  pandemic.


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The pandemic has made the wearing of face masks a new norm all over the world. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, more and more countries have made it mandatory for people to wear them when they go out. The reason for this is that Covid-19 is spread by respiratory droplets — hence, the wide-spread use of face masks which cover both the nose and mouth.

Though the rationale behind wearing a face mask is not at all difficult to understand, it appears as though the woman concerned could not quite follow such logic.

The 22-second clip was taken by a man in the store who noticed the hole in the woman’s mask. Before panning his camera to the woman, he told viewers: “So this girl is coming in with her mask on — you all need to see this.”

The woman’s mask clearly had a hole which left both her nose and her mouth uncovered. When the man subtly asked where she had got it, the woman didn’t seem to take the hint. “Well, since we have to wear them and (they) make it harder to breathe … this makes it a lot easier to breathe.”

“Cutting it?” the man asked, testing her once more with a question, to which the woman answered with a “Mhm!”

As she left, the man said: “Yeah, I’ll do that too.” A hint of sarcasm and disbelief obvious in his tone. The woman did not seem to notice and replied with a bubbly: “Have a good day!”

According to a report by the Lexington Herald-Leader, the American state of Kentucky now has almost 7,000 Covid-19 cases. /TISG

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