US asylum grant is a good thing for Amos Yee: Lawyer Alfred Dodwell

Source: Amos Yee / Facebook

By Phyllis Lee

Mr Alfred Dodwell, one of the three lawyers who represented Amos Yee pro bono for his 2015 court case, is happy that the 18-year-old blogger was finally granted asylum in the United States of America.

The lawyer from Dodwell & Co LLC told The Independent:

“His mindset and thoughts as a teenager is very different from most other teenagers in Singapore. With that mindset and thought process, he is liable to get into more trouble in Singapore. For instance, his strong views on religion is a no-no in Singapore. Overall, it was a good thing for him.”

He also revealed that he wasn’t surprised that Amos left Singapore to seek asylum.

“It did seem as if he was leaning towards leaving. I think he was increasingly finding that they [the Singapore system] were not very tolerable of his views.”

Last December, Amos Yee fled to the US to seek political asylum. Despite opposition from the Department of Homeland Security, he was granted asylum by a US immigration court on Tuesday (Sept 26).

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  1. I’m happy for you. Yes please Pursue a skill for work sake. . You need to work in order to further your dreams and golds. If I was your age I would have left Spore too. All the best.

    • Nope. Just the corrupted, evil & dishonorable son of lee kuan kew. Google 38 oxley sibling dispute. Dishonorable dismantle family instead of house (as per LKY will)by abusing state organs.

  2. Dear Mr President Trumpl, Singapore does not have billions of dollars to be invested in United States of America to strengthen US economy, like what Malaysia can do. However we are delightfully and respectfully give you our most precious asset, Amos Yee to help you to solve your social discord! Amen.
    Ya, with his big mouth, he needs two bullet-proof vests because the next time when Uncle Sam is unhappy to what he said, it will not be just a slap on the face only! Good Luck, you surely need alot lah! heheheheheeee

  3. I’m happy for Amos. He deserves his freedom and not be shackled by the government of his country. I hope he learns to improve his vocabulary and stop the excessive use of expletives. Looking forward to seeing and hearing his views of the repressive regime! <3

  4. @ Lawyer Mr Alfred Dodwell: I salute you! You have truly done your best for Amos Yee. He has been granted asylum in the USA. It is up to Amos to make the best of the opportunities available in America. Let’s just wish him well in whatever he wants to do.

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