URA's inaction may lead to fatal accident laments Facebooker


Facebook user Cinorom Elicebmi shared a video and several pictures which showed motorcycles being parked indiscriminately at a parking lot in Cineleisure Orchard. The video showed that cars which had to use the road, maneuvered with much caution to ensure that their vehicles are not damaged by accidentally knocking on a motorbike.

The user said that two emails were sent to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) as well as to the carpark operator, but no actions seem to have been taken.

One of the pictures taken by the user shows the carpark operator’s office shut close as the alleged offence was taking place.
1The user lamented that “lawlessness prevails” at the spot and wondered if “we’ll simply have to wait for traffic accidents or fatalities to happen before (the Government) come forth and ‘expresses their regrets’ and ‘penalises the vendor’.”

URA and the HDB announced last month that they were raising the parking charges at their car parks by over 20 percent from December 2016. It said the fee hike was necessary to cover $100m yearly loss. The agencies said that their operating costs have risen by 40 percent since 2002 when car parking rates were last revised, and that at current parking rates they would not be able to fully recover the full cost of providing for parking.