Upcoming cabinet reshuffle will give 4G leaders more exposure and responsibility: PM Lee


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong confirmed this morning that there will be a cabinet reshuffle after Parliament takes a mid term break this year. The reshuffle is designated to give younger ministers more exposure and responsibilities so that they can better support the head of government’s successor.

The PM did not give any indication on when exactly he will select his successor, even amid increasing anticipation.

PM Lee added in a Facebook post, ahead of the budget debate today, that it will be the fourth-generation ministers who will draft the Government’s agenda for the President’s Address which will be delivered when parliament re-opens in May. This will “give Singaporeans a better sense of them and their thoughts,” according to the PM:

“The Year of the Dog will be a busy one. The Budget debate starts today, followed by the Committee of Supply. After that, Parliament will prorogue for a mid-term break, and re-open in May. The President’s address at the opening of Parliament will set out the Government’s programme for the rest of this term.
“I am asking the fourth-generation Ministers to draft the Government’s agenda for the President’s address. It will give Singaporeans a better sense of them and their thoughts.
“I will reshuffle the Cabinet after Parliament prorogues, to give the younger members more exposure and responsibility. This way, my successor will be supported by a stronger and more experienced team, committed to leading Singapore to a better and brighter future.”

The PM’s latest comments echo his earlier remarks in January when he had said the upcoming Cabinet reshuffle will be “a significant step in exposing and building the new team of leaders”.

Indicating that he would like to handover his duties to his successor after the next General Election, which must be held by 15 Jan 2021, PM Lee had also confirmed that he is not expecting any deputy prime ministers to be appointed during the next cabinet reshuffle.

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Posted by Lee Hsien Loong on Monday, 26 February 2018