Unsupervised children spotted playing at 16th floor parapet of Sengkang condo


5 children were spotted in their school uniforms playing on the 16th floor parapet of the Riversound Residence condominium in Sengkang yesterday afternoon at 4.49pm.

The children were also seen walking along the ledge and dangling their feet off the parapet which is not secured by railings.

Condominium resident Mr Lim caught the children on camera and quickly informed the management of the condominium. A staffer subsequently persuaded the children to climb off the parapet.

Mr Lim told the Chinese daily:

“I immediately informed the management and shortly after, the staff immediately rushed to the scene, and advised the students to come down. Although no one in this incident was injured, it is concerning. I hope that the authorities can take appropriate measures to avoid similar incidents happening again.”

It is unclear whether the children were disciplined or whether the management is planning to install railings to prevent accidents that may occur due to such death-defying antics.


  1. So…subsequently the parents & management will pin point the fault towards the security. Increase patrolling and clocking rounds instead of tackling the issue of the bad and incorrigible attitude of the boys and the bohchap attitude of the parents. These days so much emphasis is enforced on worksite safety but nothing and i really mean NOTHING is taught to kids/teenagers.

  2. Where their parents, is their parents allowed them? The Condo management can do is to make a police report to cover management responsibilities is done. These are playful and irresponsible kids really scary.

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