Unemployed man suddenly dies at home from burst vessel, leaving behind wife and 4 children

A 60-year-old unemployed man, Wang Qing Chi, suddenly died from a burst vessel while he was in the bathroom of his home at 245 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, leaving behind his wife and four young children.

According to the Chinese daily, the family are surviving on Wang’s widow, Weng Meirong’s salary of $500 monthly from working as a stall assistant at a hawker stall.

While the loss of her husband will undoubtedly be a perpetual void, the financial burden Weng carries could be lightened, thanks to the kindness and generosity of some Singaporeans. The Chinese daily reports that six readers reached out to them via Facebook and have said that they wish to donate money to the family.

Another reader contacted the publication via email and offered to contribute $500 monthly to the family, while yet another reader also felt prompted to give after reading the news report. This reader, 44-year-old Zhuang Suqian, told reporters: “We are all people with family. Seeing the family like that was just heartbreaking. I hope to do my part to help.”

Another 57-year-old known as Mr Chen intends to donate rice, dry grains, and canned food to the family, along with his friends. Meanwhile, philanthropic undertaker Roland Tay says that a rich businessman has contacted him with regards to donating to the family, as well.

Weng shared that she is greatly touched by the outpouring of help and said that she will bring up her children well no matter what happens: “I am very touched with the concern from these kind people. No matter how difficult life will be, I will bring up my children.”


    • Good question. But PAP grassroots may say she must ask(beg??)before they can consider help. Must follow protocol. I SALUTE all d kind hearted Singaporeans for their spontaneity in offering assistance.

    • A lot of paperwork, must show this show that, prove that she is this and that, then maybe social workers come in. And they need to check if she has any family members such as siblings and so on.

      • No body deserves to be in any bad economic situation whatever their race, religion and least of all their political affliation.
        Let’s leave politics aside, the family deserves some help from the Govt and the public.

        • Social security and safety net is the basic responsibility of any government. If the PAP government could shamelessly pay themselves millions but could not do anything to help the less fortunate countrymen, then they are not fit to be in government. PAP government cannot absolve themselves from those basic responsibilities with excuses.

    • Having TV , fridge or washing machine is deemed as luxury .. had a friend who Kenna like this though it was given by ppl .. Social welfare last time give out Biscuit can

    • Sure they will help…but first please fill in forms n submit your documents first. Approval is based on case by case basis and the decision is Final! Familiar bo?

    • Nvm that…kena queue up n being asked a lot of embarassing questions befire can get a Q number. The grassroots ppl helping out at MTP sessions think they sre God..

    • Exactly…. they tend to ask many questions & expect a family of 5 to survive on less than $1k per month??? With rise on transportation, kids’ education, food, utility bills etc etc; how far can $1k be stretched?

    • At the end of the day it is usually the common folks who will help these poor families. If one is to wait for help from govt agencies, it will be ‘ti-kng liao’ / 天亮了

    • help with all stupid questions that these grassroots until.you are fed up and in the end you better not to see them.. these are the techniques that apply to these family. . hypocrite white ghost

    • Wilson this time round worst ! Those cb social officer acting on behalf of the WTG will claim in lieu of help from good public Samaritan and therefore the hardship case cannot apply !!!

    • If family of five can survive on 1000 per MTH .. then Pap are overpaid even if you calculate only the MP allowance of 16k .. not even counting the number of directorships(some even have nearly 50 directorships doing nth..) they get to hold only after becoming a MP ..

  1. 500 per MTH was What LKY used to earn as a lawyer in early 60s .. 2018 and there are people we earning 500 per MTH .. that’s lower than the Levy Gov collects from foreign workers every MTH

  2. Wat work did Bugs Bunny do, what about Ah Tan, now Desmond Pucket ? How come still have families in difficulty when gahmen minister gat big fat pay ?

    • This is just a very convincing and convenient excuse meant for the dafts, as it touches the hearts of naive sinkies easily.
      Sinkies so fast forgotten the crocodile tears of pinky already?

      How else can they put it? To buy expensive defense toys for paper generals to wayang and get promotion?

  3. Fuck the white termites, raise the GIST to help themselves and their own image, not to help the poor but eventually terminating their lives inorder not to be a burden to the govt.

  4. Puki And Pundek will say…….why got money to help needy Sinkies……….every year must spend over 400M to help foreign students to study here leh………..

    • That was BEFORE her husband’s sudden death. Come on, don’t live life as a cynic. 1st, they didn’t ask for handouts, 2nd she didn’t ask for the husband to suddenly die.

    • Because they given heed to PAP government call for more children and naively believe in their wayang that no child will be left behind.

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