UN Condemns Execution of 29-Year-Old Malaysian While Some Singaporeans Celebrate a Job “Well Done”


The UN Human Rights Office for South-East Asia has condemned Singapore for the execution of 29-year-old Malaysian Prabagaran Srivijayan who was hanged this morning after being convicted for importing 22.24 grams of diamorphine – a raw form of heroin – into Singapore in 2014.

Prabagaran was executed after the Court of Appeals rejected an eleventh hour motion to delay the execution, under the basis that an appeal Prabagaran’s lawyer had submitted to halt the execution was still pending at the Court of Appeal in Kuala Lumpur.

In dismissing the motion yesterday, Judges of Appeal Chao Hick Tin, Andrew Phang and Tay Yong Kwang called the attempt “an abuse of process” before stating:

“The judiciary of each country is entitled to act in accordance with its Constitution and its laws. No judiciary of one country interferes in the judicial process of another country.”

The UN office said on it’s Facebook page:

“We deeply regret that so far in 2017, there have been at least four executions in Singapore for drugs related offences. This is an increase on previous full-year statistics. According to Singapore Prison authorities, there were two executions for drugs related offences in 2014, three in 2015 and two in 2016.
“We are concerned that death row inmates and their families are given very short notice of the date of the scheduled execution. In most cases they have been notified only a few days in advance. We are also concerned that executions continue to be carried out in a secretive manner, with no public information on the number of people on death row in Singapore and little public information on the executions that have taken place.
“We reiterate our position that drugs related offences are not considered as a ‘most serious crime’ under international law and should not carry the death penalty. We also reiterate previous calls to the Singaporean government to immediately instate a moratorium on the use of the death penalty, which we believe has no place in the 21st century.”

Prabagaran’s mother has maintained that her son was innocent.

A widow, she has repeatedly stated that the car that her son was driving did not belong to him and that he did not even know there were drugs in the car until he was stopped at Woodland Checkpoint in 2012:

They could not find his fingerprints on the drugs, or that he had consumed any but the judge ruled him guilty by stating that the car belonged to him,”

Madam Eswari's Story

To mark the 14th World Day Against the Death Penalty, CADPA asks you all to share 'Madam Eswari’s story’. Madam Eswari’s son risks execution in 2017. We must act now! #EndCrimeNotLife

Posted by End Crime Not Life – CADPA on Saturday, 8 October 2016

Meanwhile, despite the doubts that have been cast upon the legitimacy of Prabagaran’s conviction, some netizens have lauded the Singapore justice system for not budging from their position of sentencing Prabagaran to an irreversible fate, as a job “well done”:


  1. Didn’t want to says well don’t but if I’m the judge I will sentence him to 5 year’s in prison n let him go after 5 year’s. If a person carry less then 50 grams I will sentence him to 5 year’s. If more then 50 grams I will sentence him to 10 year’s. If 100 grams above 20 year’s n If 200 grams above to 500 grams 30 year’s. 1 kg then death penalty!

    • What if he has been wrongly convicted, capital punishment leaves no room for error? I wonder if your own son/daughter or other family member found themselves in the same circumstances, would you be so quick to say hang them. One can never say never.

    • Julie O’Connor, then proved to us he was wrongly convicted…don’t use what if and then spill your shameless and filthy self-righteousness here.

    • SY Kong
      In this case, he denies knowing n no finger print of his on the drugs. Yes every trafficer can say that. But there are better ways to determine. More over hanging young , vulnerable people who were used by particular race is the root cause. You need not support blindly but can show some compassion. Of course hard to find in a greedy , money faced community like yours.

    • Julie O’Connor
      This people are single , narrow minded communist. You cant expect compassion n humane thoughts from such race. For them purging few million in the name of cultural revolution is perfectly fine.

    • I’ve learnt from experience that no-one can say that something won’t happen to them or a family member. Capital punishment leaves no room for doubt and it appears there was a doubt in this case. It would be bad enough to be jailed for life if you knew you were innocent, but there’s no coming back from the death penalty. There’s no saying sorry we made a mistake and yes Singapore is not above making mistakes, the same as every Country.

    • Mohan Sinnapillay, stop coming here to spill your racist born-loser mentality here…a despicable scumbag racist dog like you are simply so good at conveniently playing the victim card here just because he’s your kind? You lose any and every credibility commenting here simply because you weren’t here fighting for justice, you were simply here trying to blame your own miserable born-loser life conveniently at others who are more successful…you will continue to lead a failed life, and will continue to conveniently played the racist card to justify it!

    • Metro scion consumes drugs and tried to sell some. Got away with 2 years gaol, the guy who sold him drugs got 22 years gaol. Regardless of the drugs quantity, the nature of drug abuse is the same. Why the disparity in sentences?

    • SY Kong “They could not find his fingerprints on the drugs, or that he had consumed any but the judge ruled him guilty by stating that the car belonged to him,”

    • A Julie and Mohan, why are you even arguing with pricks. It’s of no use and only wasting your time. There are so many of them I’d stop doing that.

    • Practically useless to argue with a brainless fool whose only contribution is worthy of repulsive insults n venomous hate.Guess..He must have endured a terribly abusive childhood…or even sexually.Such a pitiful disgusting character.May we forgive n Forget him..period.

    • No its not true. If they do nothing; you wouldnt be knowing the atrocities super power countries do to misfortune countries like in Middle East or Africa. Since its just an organisation they can only write, talk and beg people to behave good.

  2. I support stern measures n punishments for drug trafficking but not death sentence for first timers. If we look at the cases, most of this trafficers come from vulnerable age n race. In this case , Malaysian Indians. They are badly discriminated n denied opportunity by a racist regime. Thus they get frustrated n resort to extremities. Apparently most of financiers are rich Chinese towkays driving mercedes. This young , emotionally disturbed minds are tapped to do such work. Why the heads are never caught? You mean you catch this small fish , you are unable to trace? Or no will ? Or simply kill this fishes which is easier. It is easy sitting on keyboard n clap. Dont cheer on another person’s death. If one day life force you to desperation than you will know the plight of this people. If we lock such guys in prison for 10 to 15 yrs, cane them n make them wash our hospital beddings , no lost to us n only they would have suffered. To think like that you need compassion. You cant expect that in this little red dot flooded with narrow minded psuedo communist.

    • Well maybe we can send these young people WITH the drugs they are carrying BACK to Malaysia?!
      Let’s hope those drugs DO NOT harm the citizens instead. And if it does, the Malaysian govt and public can decide what to do and feed him with their taxpayers monies!

      How about that instead?

    • Micheal lum
      Whether here or there , it is harmful n it should be nailed. The point I am making is there must be harsh punishment not amounting to death for first timer. Why we never get to hear our cops busted the ring n nabbed the master mind ? That much lack of will n co-operation between Spore , Msia n Thailand. We are so small n yet we see more taking drugs. Where are they coming from ? Where demand is high , supply comes. Hopefully we add little compassion to the situation without compromising.

    • Your argument is if life is unfair, commit crime for those you felt is treated more fairly than you?

      Is nothing done in this life that you have no say in it?

      To courier drugs for those said Chinese overlords is a choice.

      That said, for this case, it would seen that there was a chance that he was innocent and was played by his friend.

  3. I condemn Singapore government for killing this young Indian guy who could have been given a 2nd chance. Rapists, metro grandson and other rich foreigners committing offence in Singapore are all given very light sentences

    • Well thank you for your condemning but SG is known for not giving chances for drug trafficking.
      So scream all you want. We will keep to our law and the world can criticize. No one is perfect and no one less screwed up.

      I bet you have made decisions not everyone agree. I hope you can handle condemning criticism of them as well as SG.

  4. Human Rights sound logical but abuse drugs then faced the consequences + cry foul then not logical because other human also have the right too especially stated no drug in this society. What happened if the imported drug push to your next of kin and die..isn’t that same as killing. Then UN !!! what right is there.? Human Rights draw your line.

  5. Now job well done, but once it come to their family … Contradiction comes into play. Saying SG law is cruel this and that, ni chance to repent this and that. Expect the unexpected guys, you will never know your family members or your generation will take drugs and get the death sentence. So count your blessings and be gracious and dont rub in the face of others.

  6. They know the law. It’s quite clear. If the law is unjust, then it is unjust across the board…not just for this person. Let’s not bark up the wrong tree.

  7. Enough of all this PETA bullshit. The moment we abolish death sentence for drug traffickers. These scums are gonna start swarming into Singapore in droves. The people that are gonna be affected are the vulnerable like children and the weak minded. I say yes for the death sentence. These scums knows well before hand that if they got caught, death is the reward.

  8. Drugs kill not the addicts but also many family members. Everyone knows drug trafficking is death sentence, even in Malaysia. Why do drug traffickers stll want to traffick drugs into Singapore?

  9. The argument should be whether drug offences need mandatory capital sentence.
    Meantime drug offenders have to face the capital punishment while you still can continue argue against death sentence.
    Don’t let this episode drown your argument that you are fighting for.

  10. Again, the poor runners gets hanged & the rich chinamen who finances these transactions never get caught. Chinamen simply finds another poor runner & the story keeps repeating!

  11. Those who say NO to death penalty. Have you ever think if the drugs were to push on the street and reached your kids or family members …hell will be upon that 🙁 family UN or HR what then are you going to do use your bloody words and do nothing.
    I like my country and I don’t want this to become a place of drugs and guns.

  12. Looks like we’re living in Victorian and barbaric past. But this PAP continues to live with the past. Never changing and slow moving idiots. So the PAP decides in Parliament who goes to gallows? Wtf. AGC full of fucks waiting to sentence and rid a life of a human being. You bastards

  13. Whatever the crime; why should another person’s life be taken.
    I don’t believe in the death penalty for drug offences.
    Death penalty for serial murderers are more palatable.

  14. If UN is so sorry for this Malaysian for trafficking in drugs, they should look into another much sadder case of murder in Malaysia – Altantuya Shaariibuu, a Mongolian woman murder case in which she was shot in the head and blown to pieces using C4 with a baby in her womb (as some reported). As one of the murderer is locked up in Australia, UN can do their investigation since they are so concern of Injustice in this world. Please do it.

  15. For those who said he was innocent,
    For those who said to spare gallows for first timer,
    For those who said he was a poor mule to rich Chinese,
    For those who said he was framed…..
    Please read below judgement carefully. Truth to be told;
    1) He made a desperate young man who was worried on his mum hospital bills a drug courier
    2) That young man was obligated for the loan received
    3) He had given a loan of rm 10000 to that desperate young man for his mum surgery and in return requested for that young man to courier drugs for him into Singapore.
    4) His arrest probably was an action to be executed sooner or later based on all evidence pointed to him.
    Lastly, for those who said SG has no compassion and did not give a fair trial, the young man who was caught while doing work for this Praba was not hanged. He was given a jail sentence and 15 cane strokes because he had substantively assist CNB in disrupting drug trafficking activities within and outside Singapore. Finally, his statements were consistent and plausible. And……he is a MALAYSIAN INDIAN!


  16. With a DEATH sentence penalty, the numbers of those caught and on death row keep rising. Just imagine if penalty is a mere few years jail???? To conclude, SG law is the best and justified. No sentencing will ever happen prior to THOROUGH investigations & FAIR trials. Here’s a link to Praba’s judgement. Please read for those who just know how to shoot words without proper homework done or probably failed to understand a few simple logic or just prefer to be denial & defensive…

    Now after reading all these, pls dont tell us that the argument here is more to death penalty to be abolished for drug cases….not the fact that a so called ‘innocent’ person was sent to gallows for not getting FAIR TRIALS.


  17. Trafficking drug to Singapore if get caught mandatory will be hanged and dealt severely. Before you enter so big signboard already warned you. But for those of greedy and due to the habits of smuggling tend to do it anyway, is it the government’s fault to meted out punishments? Come on guys we are grown up and knows what’s going on across the causeway who is the main producers and runners in out of country. Don’t try to teach our authority what to do .

  18. Singapore is a Pariah Country. They practice Pariah Judicial System that glorifies Pariah Death Penalty put on a pedestal made by The Pariah Men of cheapskate Pariah Authority. Do I miss my mark here? Hopefully not for I intend to tag this article with hashtag #Singapore and #DeathPenalty, and #Pariah so that it sticks long enough in Google as a glaring red light for any Death penalty advocating dirtbag Pariah Singaporeans. The intention here is for any Pariah Singapore state legislators to read this article one fine day and get themselves a nice spit on their putrid Pariah faces as a gift for the Pariah Death Penalty that they uphold to date to spread their New World Order of Pariahism accross.!!! Death Penalty in Singapore was introduced during British Colonialisation, abolished thereafter by United Kingdom yet uphold still in a chokehold by rabbid dogs of Pariahism devotees of Singapore. For the elite few of Singapore Pariah Monarchy, It apparently doesn’t matter that their laws are backdated, that too many discrepancies and red tapes may cause abuse of power that could lead to the irreversible death of an innocent man, as long as the hangman’s noose do not touch the Pariah systemers who approve the death penalty in the 1st place.
    As MRavi, the human rights lawyer of Singapore tried to parlay, what is a Singaporean President’s job description other than being a lifeless dummy ? We would like to know what Singapore President does with his pen when he is not signing death penalty approval? Dig his teeth? Talking about the classic blunder of Prabagaran’s advocate Choo Zheng Xi in the final hours of appeal by arguing against Prabakaran without him even knowing it, this Choo Zheng Xi ought to be smacked with cowdung the Indian style by the entire kampungs of Pro Prabagaran people and dragged through the streets on a donkey with a garland on his neck made of slippers dipped in human shit. As MRavi declared through his FB livestream, he oughta sue this imbecile lawyer who snobbishly snubbed MRavi’s advice off the faces of earth. We’re talking of an imbecile toad who should eat his Bachelor’s of Law cert, choke on it and die.
    MRavi most crucially, if you could follow the man’s almost eerily Kennedy styled speech speed(which means his mind is working in an equilibirium far higher than normal),made a statistical mention that to date thus far, not a single Malay citizen of Malaysia have been hanged in Singapore due to a certain pact made by a certain Royal Bloodline with Singapore Pariah assemblymen. Am I surprised? Are you? Please don’t, as we all know this is also unquestionable race autonomy. He also questions why Malaysia could go to International Justice Court for a goddamned Batu Putih spat with Singapore yet chose to ignore the plight of Prabagaran’s innocence by choosing to remain silent? Can anyone answer? Yes, I can answer this with a counter rhetoritical question, its pretty simple actually, When did the Indians of Malaysia’s life ever mattered to the government of Malaysia except for 5years once during election in exchange for a packet of Arsenic ridden rice? And then there is this comedy of circus lawyers of Malaysia apparently acting on behalf of Prabagaran, the Lateefa Koyak and SurenDrain. Quoting MRavi, Ms Koyak’s head was probably protected rigorously by a tudung inside which lives an empty skull devoid of living matter. Same goes with Mr.Drain, all dramatists looking for their 5minutes of bloody fame. What took them this long to file an appeal while Prabagaran was languishing in jail for 5years? And now the Koyaks and Drains are arguing that they have pending applications of appeal? Puuuihhhleeezzz!!!!!!
    Coming back to the Pariah Singaporean legal system, do people still actually think Pariahism is related to castism? No man, no. Pariahs, according to my hammered nail of dictation are, scumbags lower in rank than all criminalists combined due to them vying tit for tat in the form of Death Penalty, when they themselves are not omnipotent supreme beings who could create life in a single command. Eagerly hanging people for petty crime, their brains working like a thirsty dog’s wagging tounge, without taking into consideration any benefit of doubts, without allowing proper system of appeals and in Prabagaran’s case, convicting without even proper DNA evidence, nor witness. In fact, MRavi alleged that the chinese Mastermind of Prabagaran’s drug issue have not received death sentence, but jail sentence. I repeat. Jail sentence. And the mule gets what? I repeat. And the mule gets what sentence? Death sentence. Yes, death sentence, executed efficiently with expert hangman service, body on the verge of cremation as im typing this, pissboiled to the max!!!!!
    How many Pariahs it takes to perform ritual sacrifice for the drooling gap of a mouth of Singapore’s Death Penalty system? Can the Singaporean Pariah Justices, Pariah President, Pariah Legislators answer this?
    Prabagaran, a 29year old Indian Malaysian who died to day at the hands of a Pariah Death Penalty System of Singapore, a 29 year old boy who 5years ago went to work in a petrol kiosk for a paltry sum of salary is dead now, after posing for a last photoshoot in jail with a Jippa and Veshti. Why did Singapore allow for this photoshoot? To tell the world that they’re not the Pariahs we think they are? We all should thank Singapore for allowing media to capture in photograph for one last time the terror ridden eyes that belies the smiling face of Prabagaran. We also should praise Pariah Singapore for upholding righteous judicial system that lets a man die for a pittance of a crime, in this case Prabagaran’s death was sealed in 7grams of heroine.7grams less than the 22grams he allegedly carried, and he would have not lost his life. So let it be heard that a man lost his life for the 7grams extra. 7grams.7grams.7 paltry pittance of a gram!!! Worth it? No? Yeah there will be snakes arguing that he deserves it, and for all these snakes, what im saying is that you all deserve to be shot and fed to the pigs. A Bloomberg survey of Singapore citizens found that 95% wanted to maintain death penalty(2005), all im saying is that Singapore is no longer in my list for travel. You oughta be ashamed of yourselves, Singaporean Citizens. You oughta be all gas chambered by an equivalent version of yesteryear Nazis under the command of an equivalent version of Hitler. It is because pests like you who do not value the sacredness of life that Pariah System of Death Penalty still exists. So let us watch you gas chambered while awaiting God’s revelation hit you at your final seconds of death, let us watch you holler that all lives matter, no matter what.
    Whoever aims to maim me for this post, go ahead, this is my ventilation of the vain death of Prabagaran and all others who’d lost their lives in the same manner. I will not entertain any Death Penalty Supporters!!! I am vexed, as of now.
    May the soul of a man who died pleading his innocence rest in peace……

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