UberEATS food delivery taken to the next level, with 2 adults and 1 kid on a bike


Today (September 6), a UberEATS motorbike was seen to be slightly more occupied than usual – with a family of three carrying a bulky delivery backpack. The backpack seems to be dangling out of the seater at the back of the motorbike. The child is believed to be younger than 12, according to Roads.sg.

Roads.sg teases that the food delivery looks a little “serious” as it has to “involve the whole family”.

The incidence posed questions regarding road safety.

In a facebook post, Roads.sg expressed , “we wish riders would be more responsible to adhere to riding Code of Conduct.

“Wearing helmets and children of ages 12 and below, are allowed to be carried only if they are seated in a properly secured carrier on the bicycle.

“We wish family well and hope they will put safety first above all else.”

UberEATS is an online meal ordering and delivery platform launched by San Francisco, CA-based ride sharing company Uber Technologies. The service has expanded to more than 112 cities across 28 countries, where it has 60,000 restaurant partners, the company said in a statement.

Netizens have made suggestions such as reporting to Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), as well as abolishing class 2 license system, highlighting children’s safety should be handled with extra responsibility.




  1. You know, there are families in hardship and rather than gawking or commenting, please do something worthwhile.

    You think this is dangerous, there are many families below the poverty line feeding their kids unhealthy processed foods because it is all they can afford.

    • They do it because in Singapore with the kind of government we have we need to find a means how to put food on the table. If the driver could have gotten a job he would definitely take it. But if hte jobs are not there what do you expect him to do? Rob? He is making a decent living and he is not stealing your lunch while his “lunch” is given by our leaders to the non-Singaporeans.

    • Susan khoo, agree with you. If they got killed on the road, then who is going to say what they do is correct!? Uber should be responsible, as they allowed them to do this!? Think of others’ safety as well. You are not an one man island.

  2. How about asking why these people have to do these jobs? And shouldn’t companies be mindful of hiring such people and if Sg has a living wage, qualified riders would take up these jobs instead. Try focusing on that story instead Independent, cos what you write doesn’t justify your name.

    You’re only inviting comments that ridicule and not educating your readers to see the bigger picture. This is click bait and nothing more than that.

  3. I dont think they want to risk their lives and loved ones for fun unless the financial situation here is really bad and they dont have any choice. But wait…. Lets not address this issue…lets talk about Diabetes and building a smart nation instead… Wake up Singapore, if you dont fit into the leaders ideals… You’ll be left to fend for yourself and swept under the door mat so no news coverage is on the REAL PROBLEMS Singaporeans are facing. Thanks to Social Media we can have some light of the truth.

  4. This is very dangerous, especially with kids.. there are no safety at all..

    No helmet on them, at anytime if the rider make a turn.. the girl & the big box sure fall as there are no balancing.

  5. Where is the logic? Why does the wife(I presume) tagged along with the Baby to make Delivery? Where are their common sense? Think some keyboard warrior will come out saying “because they belong to the 70% ” .

  6. Pls lah if you see such situation. You must drive behind them. Protect them. Make sure no other vehicle ir big truck hit them from behind.

    If accidents all one family of 3

    So be more mindful.

    The situation is bad. Really bad .

    Most if our jobs are taken up by Foreigners.

    Couriers service.
    Dispatch riders.
    Macdonald dispatch.
    OCS dispatch

    Fir all you see many use their Msia biker doing the dispatch here.

    Our CCTV is sleeping.
    Our Authority is sleeping.
    Our Lta police are sleeping.

    Only catch local citizens for not having insurance.

    Only insurance company want more money but for foreigners our insurance cannot do anything.

    So ….pls look after them when you see 3 family doing one delivery.

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