Uber driver allegedly reverses car into MRT engineer and punches his face


An Uber driver has been accused of reversing his car into an MRT engineer and punching the engineer in his face, when confronted.

The 26-year-old MRT engineer, Li Zijian who hails from China, had booked an Uber ride so he could travel to Redhill to buy some badminton equipment with his friends.

When his Uber driver arrived at the scene, Li recounts that the driver missed his friends and him who were waiting by the roadside and turned into another lane instead. Li chased the car and waved at the driver.

Suddenly, the Uber driver allegedly reversed and rammed into Li. The  He said that to his horror, the car reversed and hit him. Not only that, the Uber driver alighted his vehicle and suddenly punched the engineer’s face.

The driver then seems to have pointed to a dent on his car and accused Li of kicking his car and causing the dent.

Li denied this and called the police.

According to the Uber driver, he heard a knocking sound hitting the back of his car and alighted to check for any damage. He claims that he hit Li because he believed he caused the dent. He also denied reversing his vehicle into Li.

Police officers have confirmed that a report has been lodged. The police have advised both parties to resolve the issue by initiating civil proceedings.