Uber customer loses $1300 over 5 days in unauthorised card charges


An Uber customer has claimed that she has lost $1300 in unauthorised card charges made by Uber for rides she did not call for nor take. It appears that confidential details pertaining to the cards linked to her Uber account were hacked and her cards were used to fund Uber rides from 13 Nov.

The customer, Jenna Lim, took to Facebook over the weekend and said that she has lost all trust in Uber after the shocking incident. Interestingly, all these transactions were made in US Dollars.

Lim wrote:

“Guys, please be careful when adding your debit or credit card to Uber Account. This is what I woke up to. A negative amount in my bank account.
“I got a huge shocked and went to check on my transactions. Turns out all transactions were made from Uber and amount is in USD. More than 30 transactions were made from 13 November amounting to a total of $1.3k +. It would have been worse if I didn’t check my bank statement. Just 5 days and 1.3k gone. Wow I can’t believe that Uber’s privacy security is so bad???
“I believe someone from the US hacked into Uber’s security system and attained my bank account info. Also, I can’t even delete the card payment in Uber Account. This is super ridiculous. So friends, please try to use cash to pay for your trips instead.
“Lost all my trust in Uber already.. really shocking experience…..”

She later updated that Uber has reached out to her and is working on resolving the issue.

This is not the first time an Uber customer has allegedly lost hundreds of dollars via unauthorised card charges from the cards linked to her Uber account.

In mid-September this year, Mandy Tay – a netizen believed to be a regular customer of Uber – hurled accusations over what she describes as an “Uber scam,” where she claims Uber made unauthorised charges of over $2,100 from her bank account.

Uber had responded at the time that while the organisation does not comment on individual cases, Tay’s experience could have been caused by a myriad reasons and that they are monitoring the situation:

“We do not comment on individual cases due to our privacy policies which protect both riders and drivers. Our team will review the incident and address it accordingly. However, it is important to stress that there are myriad reasons why this could occur – including whether the user is maintaining good habits in safeguarding personal information security, whether the device has been compromised, or even issues with the financial institution and its products. It would not be right to speculate, but we will continue to monitor the issue closely. Riders are encouraged to contact our 24/7 customer support team through the in-app HELP, Account and Payment Options, or online through Account and Payment Options, should they suspect that their account has been compromised.”

Woman claims to have lost $2100 in unauthorised credit card charges by Uber

***Update as of 6:45pm***Uber has reached out to me and they mentioned that they will be reviewing this incident and…

Posted by Jenna Lim on Sunday, 19 November 2017


  1. I’ve similar experiences and now and what did Uber did was shocking! They suspend my account and said I owe them outstanding! Haha I’m supposed to pay for Freud transactions?!!!!

  2. I try to delete or remove my credit card from Uber app. But Uber app doesn’t allow me to do so. Need at least one credit card info. Once it is enter credit card. You are not able to delete it. Message to customer service. First tell me to go setting and removed. Tried many times also cannot able to delete or remove my credit card info. It seems that there staffs were not well trained and anyhow gave advise. Wasted my times. What kind of service is it? Why can I delete my credit card & choose to pay cash? Unlike Grab allow you to delete your credit cards information!

  3. Uber response sounds like our Govt – it’s not their responsibility but others and that they will continue to monitor. Basically saying commuters ride at their own risk.

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