Uber app user's account breached but company treats it lightly


Facebook user Won Bobo shared his experience about how an unknown person used his Uber account to get free rides from the online transportation network company, and how the Uber app refused to allow him to change his personal information when he discovered the breach.

He urged others who used the app to check if their Uber accounts has been fraudulently used and to change their passwords as a precaution immediately.

“Apparently someone staying at either 703, 704 or 705 Clementi West Street 2, Singapore 120705 HAS been going on free Uber rides using my card and I cannot remove my credit card nor change my password,”  he said.

He recounted his experience as such:

“The problem begin last week I woke up by an sms from a Uber driver asking me where was my address, I checked the app and there was an ETA for a driver arriving.”

The Facebook user said that he wrote in to Uber about the possible breach but got a nonchalant reply from the company.
1The Facebook user said sarcastically that it was “comforting to know I am the only person panicking,” and that over the “last weekend “someone” has been enjoying free rides paid for by me.”