Two Christians whipped publicly under Shariah laws in Aceh

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Two Indonesian Christians were publicly whipped for gambling in the province of Aceh, said the Wall Street Journal yesterday.

It said this was a rare case of non-Muslims being punished under Islamic law.

It also said this was indication Indonesia is shifting toward a more politicized brand of the religion associated with the Middle East.

The man and woman are residents of Aceh a province that has imposed strict Shariah law.

They were whipped at least six times each on Tuesday by a robed man wearing a mask and wielding a rattan cane.

Hundreds of onlookers jeered them as the punishment was carried out on a stage next to a mosque in the provincial capital, Banda Aceh.

Indonesia has laws protecting the rights of Christians and other groups, but in Aceh, no one escapes the Shariah.

Aceh is able to implement Shariah law since it is under a measure of autonomy that helped settle a separatist conflict in the country.


  1. Come on! Don’t believe this bullshit. What actually happening is, if a non-moslem who committed a crime in Aceh’s sharia law, then they may choose to get a sharia’s punishment or normal indonesian punishment. In this case, they chose to be whipped by 6-8 times instead of getting to prison according to indonesian law (1 whip more or less equal to 1 month in prison). Don’t believe me? You can read this thing in Indonesian news portal or any acehnese news portal (if you don’t understand bahasa indonesia, just use google translate)