Two Ang Mohs castigated for setting off fire extinguisher in taxi and hurling vulgarities at cabbie


Facebook user Danny shared a video and several pictures of his taxi being vandalised. His video also showed two Caucasians walking away from him as he started to video them. One of them scolded the cabbie in vulgarity as he was filming.

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Danny shared the video and pictures in a closed Facebook group ‘League of the Extraordinary Cabbies’, but the video and photos are now being widely shared in several social media platforms.

Danny said of the incident: “Pick up these 2 jokers from marina bay sands to Arab street! When alight from my taxi, spray fire extinguisher into my taxi. Ended up with big shit! Police report made , have video of their faces , evidence of the extinguisher (police retrieve fingerprints from extinguisher and bring it back for evidence), hope they get caught be it through social media or through police!”

He added: “Kena fire extinguisher so jialat! Extinguish ghost fire in my taxi lol!”


    • Yeah agreed! But unfortunately there are still many locals who still love these white foreigners. They come over as tourist ( or FTs) and abuse our hospitality because they ‘think’ they are superior to us locals and above our laws. If caught, these guys should be canned leaving permanent deep scars on their white butts (“souvenir” from Spore), then dragged to and left in jail for at least a month and then permanently banned from returning to Spore.

    • Try to avoid sitting next to them in public, you don’t want your intelligence to be defiled by these gross monkeys. I always asked the waiter/waitress to change my seat on weekends if one bunch of them were to sit beside me. I don’t want to have to go home and purify myself by bathing repeatedly.

    • Chong Yen Siong sorry I don’t have colleagues as I run my own biz and me being bullied by them? Sure, that’s the day when you no longer need to wear a tampon. In other words, never.

  1. I think many people are accusing Singaporeans for being xenophobic and racist etc but they don’t understand that the majority respect cleaners and construction workers wherever they are from because they actually contribute to our economy and help to fill a necessary gap and take up jobs that most locals won’t do. What we really cannot stand are white-collar parasitic pests who are grossly overpaid and invading our shores in huge number despite being grossly incompetent and are unable to perform better than any substandard local. This specific bunch of sub-human morons are hated by the majority because they pollute our environment by their stinking habits and their uncouth manners, not surprising considering that they graduated from inferior academic institutions and often spent their time learning the art of buttering the asses of their intellectually impotent employers than doing any actual work. That’s why we are upset. Because it’s already criminal for these academically inferior dogs to come to our country but a travesty for them to get away with blatant criminal acts with just a slight slap on the wrist.

    • U are partially right there. 1st when anyone is bullied, the bullied should be the 1st one to stand up the bully. For bullying cases in today’s Singapore, Singaporeans need to be the 1st to stand up and not just lower their heads and say “Never mind”. It does mind because today’s Singapore is no more the Singapore of yesterday where then consists of mainly Singaporeans and Malaysians. Circumstances change, people are different so methods of handling also have to change. If one can’t defend oneself on HOME SOIL, then WHERE can one do that??!!

  2. It looked like another slap on the wrists punishment for these two ang mohs unless our justice system can prove us otherwise…. minister of Home affairs the ball is in your court now ..

  3. Another crappy Ang Mo of the week..I have always wondered, though, whatever lead them to such absurd behaviour. Wish they could be interviewed. Are they drunk? On drugs? Do they do this often back in their own country?

  4. Wow, good deal of racism going on in this thread from some folk. My experience however tells me that there is no ethnic monopoly on idiots – they come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

  5. Hey Emperor Lee you allowed them in and did all this SHIT, get your Eunuch to remove these SHIT and WHITE THRASH out of our country, you like them BUT we don’t. You are near your DEATH BED, perform some GOOD KARMA TO REDRESS all the SINS you have ACCUMULATED ALL THESE YEARS

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