Tsk Tsk, Amos Yee Trolled


By: Obbana Rajah

Amos Yee. A name that is synonymous with numerous court cases and run-ins with the government.

A video posted earlier this month on popular video streaming website, YouTube, accuses Amos Yee of doing the unthinkable of anyone in a committed relationship – cheating.

The video depicts a rather scandalous and very graphic exchange between Yee, 19 and Riley Silverberg, 24. The email conversation that took place between the two quickly turned sexual and was not refused by Yee in any way.

Amos Yee, who is infamous for his video criticising Singapore’s first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, has been in a relationship since late last December. Though he has not made any pictures or videos of his relationship public, Yee has shared an audio post of her speaking and has made public Facebook posts describing his significant other and their endeavours in graphic detail.

The very steamy exchange between Yee and Silverberg started off with her mentioning a shed in her yard used as a sex dungeon, followed by a request for Yee to continue the conversation. Amos Yee replied almost immediately, asking if they could continue the conversation via Facebook’s Messenger.

While Yee engaged Silverberg in conversation, replying rather regularly and within the hour, he seemed slightly hesitant and requests, “Maybe we should meet up and see each other 1st. I can’t make out with someone I don’t have a connection with”. However, the 19 year old had no qualms about providing her with his telephone number or meeting her that very day.

As to whether this constitutes the act of cheating or not, according to Yee, he thinks that his relationship is, “pretty much an open [one]”, and followed up with encouraging Riley Silverberg that she could, “send as many dirty pictures” as she wanted.

The poster of the video, i love cute asian boys, adds a disclaimer, “he says he thinks he’s in an open relationship, but then blocks me on Facebook when I post the link to this video. Knowing Amos, if he wasn’t doing something naughty, he would respond to it instead of trying censor it”.

 The email exchange between the pair abruptly ends with Silverberg asking Yee, “Are you a pedo?”

Amos Yee has been previously known for his radical views on pedophilia and was even kicked out of his home in Illinois due to his views supporting it online. Most netizens who commented on the video were less interested in his scandal and more disgusted by his views on pedophilia. User Happy Hoplite raged, “He supports pedophilia. That’s enough for me to justify dragging him behind a truck with chains”.

The status of Amos Yee’s relationship seems unclear, mainly because of the lack of information of his girlfriend. His actions with Silverberg are very sexual in nature and his lack of clarity as to the status and nature of his current relationship does give the entirety of the situation an ambiguous spin. With regards to the allegations made on YouTube, when reached out to for comment, Yee refused.


  1. (Featured below is a repost from my blog earlier… FWIW, all his purported cyberspace ‘sexual’ carrying on need to be taken with a boulder of salt.)

    December 30, 2017
    A first-year anniversary look-back on the now largely disenchanted fan base of Amos Yee — with the exception of a dwindling handful of supporters, most of the fans/followers (such as his fairy godmother Melissa Chen) whom Amos did so mesmerize and bamboozle and had gotten a pass from since 2015, are now totally disillusioned with their freedom-of-speech icon.

    It was about a year ago in late Dec. 2016, the Singapore teen hellion Amos Yee made local media headline news, having bolted abruptly from Singapore to America seeking political asylum. At that time Amos was still being hailed by his admirers as the pluperfect poster boy of free speech escaping ‘persecution’ at home for a piece of freedom paradise in Wonderland. But holy moly, just what difference a year makes. And if Mary Toh (Amos’ mother) who has made no secret of her exhortation to her son to flee the country, were told a year ago that her son upon arrival in the States would be incarcerated for 10 long months, after which he would be driven homeless, booted from pillar to post — from the Windy City to the Twin Cities to Frisco by the Bay all within a month — that a local YouTuber would threaten Amos’ life for his being an apologist-activist to the paedophilia demimonde and consequently his Internet banking lifeline (Paypal donation-receiving account) would be permanently terminated — indeed, any such speculative prattle would have been summarily dismissed by the mother as issuing from some surly critic merely blowing smoke. But good grief, 12 months on after she last saw her son, Mary Toh has now but to put all such improbable Amos talk in her pipe and smoke it — what occurrences that would only seem too far-fetched have all transpired for Amos Yee in the last 12 months. Hollywood couldn’t have written a more improbable script: according to self-styled ‘fourth-wave free-speech absolutist’ Amos Yee, as America’s freshly minted teen political dissident asylee — courtesy of U.S. Immigration Judge Samuel Cole — babies are permitted to diddle with adult penis like lollipop in mouth as long as babies/toddlers themselves relish such oral stimulation. (Just check out the above highlighted YouTube ‘babies’ link at time sequence 23:45 if you are oblivious of what he’s been up to lately.)

    Here now a who’s who behind the infamous free-speech career of this 19-year-old Singaporean hellion:

    1. Alphonsus Yee and Mary Toh: as parents of Amos, there is no question they are to take the lion’s share of the blame. Their remissness in turning a blind eye to their son’s 2015 video hijinks became the watershed moment in the then 16-year-old’s life: from the comfort of his home, Amos was allowed to broadcast his mindlessly insensitive and obnoxious 2015 Internet video philippic against founder LKY while the nation was officially in the midst of mourning the passing of its founder; in that vid, Amos even taunted members of the bereaved family, daring Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the eldest scion of the deceased, ‘to come dance with’ him. De mortius nil nisi bonum, a Latin phrase meaning to speak no ill of the dead — particularly during one’s funeral — is a universally honored tradition that dates back to antiquity. The ensuing dark cloud that hung over Amos’ parents for their monumental failure to have their son observe even the most basic of expected funereal propriety, should rightly stay with them for the rest of their lives. …


  2. Seems like Amos was trying to dodge the request to see his dick. Why huh? Is it because he had always been confident and sometimes even over confident about himself EXCEPT for this one “small” dicky area? Lololololol!

    OK, I have not seen it and I don’t wish to see it, but I believe Amos has a small penis. Hahaha!