Trump-Kim burgers and coins to commemorate historic summit


Days before the historic summit meeting in Singapore between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, The Royal Plaza hotel on Scotts has announced that it is “making burgers great again” with the creation of a Trump-Kim burger—a burger that supposedly combines elements of both Korean and American cultures.

While the summit is not scheduled until June 12th, Singaporeans may take a bite of the Trump-Kim burger to commemorate it in advance.

The Trump-Kim burger is served with Summit Iced Tea, and is priced at S$12++, according to the hotel’s Facebook page. The burger itself consists of a “succulent chicken patty and tangy Kimchi” and is “served with fries and Korean rice rolls,” and will be made available at the Scotts Lounge of the hotel, Level 2, from June 8 to 15 at 6pm to 8pm.

The Summit Iced Tea also represents a harmonious blend of flavors from the two cultures, with honey yuzu, a traditional Korean flavor, blended into iced tea, a drink with US origins. This beverage costs S$ 6++.

For those who would rather have a more lasting souvenir of the summit, the Singapore Mint announced on June 5, Tuesday, that three commemorative medallions in gold, silver and base-metal have been created to mark the auspicious event. 

The coins show the leaders from the US and North Korea shaking hands, as well as the North Korean flag on the left and the United Sates’ on the right, symbolic of “both countries’ position on the political spectrum,” according to Singapore Mint. 

Both flags will appear in color only on the silver medallion, which costs S$118 and is made of 1 ounce 999 fine silver. The gold medallion costs S$1380, and is made of 1/2 ounce 999.9 fine gold. The base-metal medallion costs S$36, and is made of nickel-plated zinc.

Photo from The Singapore Mint

All three medallions will carry the inscription “Summit in Singapore” as well as the date of the event.

On the back of the medallions is a peace dove, which the Singapore Mint says is symbolic of “the significance of the summit to bring about world peace.” The back will also be featuring the rose, the US’ national flower, and the magnolia sieboldii, North Korea’s national flower.

From June 5 onwards the medallions can be pre-ordered on or at the retail outlets of Singapore Mint.