Train collision on East-West Line and massive congestion on Circle Line erupt one day after Khaw says: “Not every ride is perfect.”


25 individuals were injured in a train collision due to a “train fault” at Joo Koon station on the East-West Line today. In the first such train collision in about 24 years, since 1993, a train heading in the direction of Tuas Link station stalled at Joo Koon station at 8.18am.

This is according to a joint statement by SMRT and Land Transport Authority (LTA) which revealed that a second train stopped behind the first faulty train, one minute later: “At 8.20am, the second train moved forward unexpectedly, and came into contact with the first train.”

While train services on the East-West line were disrupted, 23 passengers and two SMRT staff suffered “light to moderate injuries” – from sprains, head and back injuries to limb fractures and joint dislocations – and were conveyed to Ng Teng Fong Hospital and National University Hospital.


Meanwhile, massive congestion erupted on the Circle Line after train services were disrupted due to a “signalling fault.”

While the fault was fixed after two hours, commuters were still bogged down by massive crowds that led to extended travelling time for commuters, delaying them by hours.

The separate faults on the East-West Line and the Circle Line today come just one day after the North-South Line experienced service disruptions yesterday.

The breakdowns today also come one day after Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan said on Facebook, “not every ride is perfect, but almost all rides get us to where we want to be safely and smoothly.”:

“It had been a difficult week for SMRT staff. It impacted the morale of the other 22,000 public transport workers too. A few black sheep in SMRT has tarnished their collective reputation. It was sad, but we would recover from it.
“Public transport is an important sector and a noble profession. Every day, 70% of #Singaporeans use our service. This is how important our public transport workers are to Singaporeans. They deserve our respect and gratitude. Not every ride is perfect, but almost all rides get us to where we want to be safely and smoothly.
“Just now, I joined students and kindergarten graduates at Bedok Town Square to show our appreciation. Azan (Go-Ahead Singapore), Yew Huat (SBS Transit Ltd), Charnjit (SMRT) and Gena (Tower Transit Singapore) are just some of the faces we meet along our commute and we may not realise or remember their efforts, but they work quietly every day, diligently and conscientiously serving commuters. Let us show our appreciation to these silent heroes – not just today but every day. A simple smile makes a big difference.”

The Minister also gave a speech at the inaugural “appreciation day” for public transport sector workers and urged commuters to be gratedul to the “silent, every day heroes” who maintain the nation’s public transport system.

In his speech, Khaw also acknowledged that the SMRT staff responsible for Singapore’s first-ever tunnel flooding incident have “tarnished the reputation of Singapore and Singaporeans.”

We re-publish a transcript of his full speech here:

Last week, Parliament had an intense discussion on the Oct 7 tunnel flooding incident. I assume you all had watched it. Oct 7 was not a proud moment for SMRT.

A small group of SMRT workers had negated the good work of the other SMRT workers, and brought disrepute to other transport workers. They have tarnished the reputation of Singapore and Singaporeans.

We cannot change the past. But let it be the turning point for SMRT, especially in its journey towards transforming its corporate culture.

Let it be the turning point after which all SMRT staff dedicate their 100% to their public responsibility to make SMRT train services reliable again. This requires an all-out effort.

This requires everyone in SMRT to play their part, from CEO down to the rank-and-file. SMRT will find support, from NTUC, from other agencies, from other fellow transport workers.

The heavy lifting must be done by SMRT staff. The others will cheer you on, and lend you support. I am sure commuters will too! Hands up, SMRT staff who are here today. Let’s cheer them on!

Oct 7 happened to SMRT. Oct 7 could happen to other organisations too.

In every large organisation, there will be some black sheep. Our job is to identify them, counsel them, give them opportunities to shape up, and if they cannot, get them to part company. What we should not do is to turn a blind eye to their act, or worse, follow them!

You have joined a noble profession. Every day, 66 per cent of Singaporeans take public transport. You are among the 22,000 workers who work day and night to operate and maintain our buses and trains.

The vast majority of you are honest, hardworking and dedicated to your responsibilities.

You deserve our respect and applause! That is why we launched this inaugural Public Transport Workers’ Appreciation Day for us to show you our appreciation.

This is a meaningful tripartite initiative by the Land Transport Authority, the National Transport Workers’ Union and the public transport operators.

I am grateful for this opportunity in thanking all of you!

Our public transport network serves more commuters now than ever before. In five years, daily bus and rail rides have increased by 30 per cent to nearly eight million daily. We have added 1000 new buses, and many new trains too.

As our public transport system expands, it also means more facilities and equipment to operate and maintain.

I have met many of you in the depots, above ground, underground, at different times of the day and night. I could not help you in your work in the trenches, but I thought my presence could help lift your spirits.

Along the way, I made new friends, like maintenance staff Abdul Majid Bin Daud, Mohammed Yahya Bin Haron and many more.

They are exemplary in their diligence, skills and conscientiousness and have even contributed to solving problems while off duty.

I visit all transport operators, not just SMRT. I must have been to SBS Transit’s Gali Batu Depot half a dozen times, to know you, to share durians with you, to cheer you on.

I have also visited bus interchanges and had nasi lemak with bus captains in your canteens. Your work has increased, I know, with many new demands.

You now need to coordinate with service controllers to pace your buses, to reduce bunching and allow buses to arrive with greater punctuality. It is stressful, I know.

But it means better service for our commuters, and that is important. Technology helps.

For example, some buses now use sensors and Anti-Collision Warning Systems. It is safer for you and your commuters.

You have risen above these challenges year after year. You deserve our respect and gratitude.

We are committed to improving working conditions and training opportunities for you. New and upgraded bus depots and interchanges will have more comfortable and dedicated staff canteens, lounges and toilets.

To up-skill our public transport workforce and uplift their careers, the Singapore Rail Academy and the Singapore Bus Academy were established. More than 1600 workers have benefited from their courses to date.

Work is also ongoing to develop an Industry Transformation Map for the Land Transport sector which will outline plans to prepare our public transport workers for jobs of the future.

Before I conclude, let me introduce a special person amongst us today. He is Mr Chua Cheng Chuah, one of our longest serving bus captain and public transport worker.

He started when he was just 19 years old and has been with SBST for 48 years! His regular passengers have become an extension to his family and he has watched some of them grow from kids to adults.

He told me that when he fell sick and did not report to work, his passengers would ask after him. In fact, there were a few who bought medicine for him. Over the years, these passengers have grown to become friends to bus captain Chua. This is how it should be.

Today is a good opportunity for commuters to remind ourselves to be grateful to the silent, every day heroes who make our daily trips on public transport possible.

Like the passengers who have become friends to bus captain Chua, I encourage our commuters to take active steps in showing appreciation to all these hardworking individuals every day – not just today.

Even a simple smile can make a big difference.


  1. This KBW really so unlucky to the max. He just said that yesterday and today train collided. Maybe the train driver not happy with him and purposely make up a scene for him. Hehe…

    • Nothing is safe. SIA also got a major crash and also Silk Air if I remembered correctly. But not as bad as MAS where the plane disappeared completely and the crew and passengers gone without a trace, like magic!

  2. We should demand that they put in place minimum qualifications to head certain ministries. Not just parachute any Ah T** Ah Kh** into position. Even if they volunteer.

    • I guess it depends on the person whom they wish to put there ba. Even a dancer/actress who publicly declared that she had no prior experience can be made a director, I suppose we know what sort of quality we are getting these days…

    • cro·ny·ism
      noun: cronyism; noun: croneyism

      the appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority, without proper regard to their qualifications.

    • They are there just bcoz they are obedient dogs. Not becoz of paper or work experience. To be a minister for Health,you must have at least minimum experience as a doctor. To be Minister for Law,you must at least have experienced work as a lawyer/judge. Same with every Ministry. Not like Minister foe Education,Smrt Ceo,Minister for Transport as an example,all are parachuted from Papers Scholars. Lol

  3. The display information panels in every station should read ” Ride at your own risk, no guarantee that the trains will take you to your destination, maybe to eternity “. LOL. I am afraid a catastrophe will happen very soon in the near future. Be wary, very scary.

  4. Not every time , incidents can be forgiven even it is purely a coincidence. Someone should step up and said let’s get all this mess resolved and and maybe see other alternative and assurance.

  5. Understand that not all are perfect. But it’s becoming perfectly a daily basis. If ride can be as perfect as breakdowns. Don’t you think that will be perfect???

  6. The 2nd train behind was a rescue train supposed to move the breakdown train to the station so that the onboard passengers can get off. In order to move the stalled train, the 2nd train (rescue) need to move forward to be coupled to the train in front and that’s where the collision took place. Misjudgement of speed?

  7. In 1984 our esteem PM said tt if things don’t work he needs explanation tt is waterproof otherwise the chief goes out. Wonder what happened since then. PM has changed but ruling party is still the same.

  8. In Dr. Goh Keng Swee’s day, Pinky would be instructed to act as Khaw’s second while he cuts his stomach open. But instead, a lesser Goh, in 1994 made Khaw and other PAP Ministers, the most highly paid in the known universe 🙁

  9. Smoothly ur head!! Bodoh sia tis feelow talk.3rd insident now evening,pple are stuck and cramped in the train u Idiot.Yishun to Bishan..Hat trick today good score Kaw…evrytime happen during peak period some more 6.9million??cilaka

  10. Someone must interview KBW abiut the ERP system.
    Ask him ” what do you think of the ERP gantry im Singapore”
    Answer” very good. Never breakdown before.”
    Then next day all ERP system breakdown.

  11. First of all, get these morons to get rid of all these useless good for nothing paper generals and put people who are really CEO calibre in charge and things will automatically improve.

  12. Oh my .. he is real shit now.. Expose the Elite who make lesser people look like … ermmmm chialak .da dei you.. this is being in charge of a system you don’t know of only know how to raise fare ..

  13. See, the man is an absolute genius! He said “not every ride is perfect” – so the collision proved his point it WASN’T PERFECT! Then he said “ALMOST every ride…”. He didn’t say “EVERY RIDE…” – so this ride didn’t wasn’t safe or smooth – again, proving the man is a real genius! Quick, make him PM!

    • Mine almost 3 hr plus $29 grab fare. SMRT can compensate boh… no bus service to the west in Caldecott. If MRT breakdowns frequently, Bus service should provide at least to each direction, north east south west…

  14. Actually 10years already and nothing solved shouldn’t we put down our pride and ask the real experts for help? Bring in those people who manage hk mtr or japan train system and the real engineers who may have better expertise in these area?

    As transport minister..instead of blaming and blaming..should he be thinking of alternative solutions? Perhaps bringing back more bus routes..asking private bus Operators to tender for bus route esp during peak hours esp from office areas back to home areas? These may help to ease the situation

  15. God cannot help you. Pls step down.

    Only you can help yourself ……. Resign and don’t being jinx to ALL others innocent lifes out there.

    My families members are depending on MRT system everyday. Their lifes are put at risk because of your suck mgmt.

  16. you dun anyhow taiji the issue away. pls man up and commit your hari kiri. you have gotten fat and lazy on the exorbitant paychecks given to you by honest taxpayers.

    “A small group of SMRT workers had negated the good work of the other SMRT workers, and brought disrepute to other transport workers. They have tarnished the reputation of Singapore and Singaporeans.”

  17. Khaw Boon Wan is so unlucky, every time he takes MRT, it is working fine.

    For us, commuters, we are luckier to have a train breakdown every other week( not related to the signalling system).

    Today is exceptionally lucky, North South East West and Circle ⭕️ lines are had problem.

  18. I hope you need another heart bypass. Then just nice mrt breakdown, the then got massive traffic congestion due to that. Your ambulance can only move 5 meters per minute. You can keep the $8

  19. From poor to poorer from bad to worse. Yet he kbw blamed his own people working day and night for him. If this type of culture carried on. We will see more of these nonsense. I really wish kbw or DQ either one was in the train to feel the collision. At the minimal, they feel how it is like. If they don’t feel the pain they will forever be living in their own dreamland listening to their 3 legged servants painting beautiful pictures to them. Nice beautiful words are always different from the ground.

  20. safety????????
    now it is better to buy insurance before u boarded a train lol u can never know when there an accident 🙂

    well it the people who voted for this 🙂

  21. Obviously rather to say such meaningless stuff, do investigate the happening and not history repeat themselves… and preventing the accidents from happening.. we should not have the mentality of only one time happening and should be vigilant and high alert at all time… One time issue could cause casualties.n one of these casualties could be catastrophic… no such incident should happen again..

  22. What is really, really sad is that the Prime Minister is no where to be seen or even heard? Does he really care? Most president and prime minister will come out and apologise and be visiting the passengers in the hospital. Really uncaring and useless.

  23. This is a message from the One above and to those unrepentant people below. Change Indian into Malay and deny God chosen one the chance. Keep on manipulating and the poor people will suffer. More train breakdowns will come our way.


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