Tragedy involving 6-year-old boy draws xenophobic comments online


A six-year-old boy passed away today after he was pinned under a bus following a collision at Choa Chu Kang. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was alerted to the accident around 9.10am along Choa Chu Kang Avenue 5 towards Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 and officers used lifting equipment to free the child before conveying him to National University Hospital (NUH), where he died after suffering serious injuries.

The police have urged the public not to share images or videos of the incident out of respect for the child’s family.

Despite this, the tragedy has drawn xenophobic comments from certain quarters. Photos from the scene that were already circulating online appear to show that the parents of the child could be immigrants from India. This has caused certain groups to spew vile xenophobic remarks against the young child and his parents.

One Facebook group, Rilek1Corner, wrote: “Good lah, one less Indian national in Singapore! Well done to the Singapore bus driver!”

The group subsequently posted:

Other netizens have also been speculating that the boy’s untimely passing may have been caused by the lack of supervision from his parents:

Others are blaming the bus driver (57), who is assisting in investigations according the police.


  1. Xenophobic? It is their whatever home culture , they better wake up ! ( Saw it many time) Hold your kids hand when crossing road . Don’t let your kids wondering like no body business. If some kind souls warning u, u ignored. You take care. Don’t blame other.
    I don’t allow my kids ( when they are this young age) using kick scooters on unsafe area. A lot of supervision & guidance needed. It is first case here?

  2. Its like saying one less Terrorist for a loss of personal from Islamic faith. Fat body; little mind!., Lol. Indian Kids are nasty though, sometime I wonder why Indian kids are way active when young and adult Indians are lazy as stone.

  3. Wat xenophobia ?? Ppl are just stating their point lah. If they didnt bring their haughty culture here, u think ppl will blame them meh ? So fast forgot the india woman sent flying at balestier road by anyhow cross road ? Have they no consideration for the buses who have to jam brake and god knows how many elderly Sporeans inside wud have gotten injured ?

  4. All this Government bus cannot be trusted la. Always got things happened they were push the problem to the Victim. Even I also one of a victim. I only Lower Back pain. Tan Tock Seng Government Hospital. Dr Ernest Wang insisted said the problem was on my cervical spine. Dr Ernest Wang said if I did not go for the surgery I could become paralysed. Dr Ernest Wang said surgery is to prevent my condition getting worse and worsen. After surgery performed by Dr Ernest Wang badly compressed the spinal cord. Cause me permanently lose of earnings capacity. Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Dr Ernest Wang don’t care the patient live or die. Don’t bear for any responsibility. Just get a excuse say surgery got risk. Now they are free around. Very unfairly and unhealthy government Hospital and Dr Ernest Wang.

  5. Hmm.. I just saw one Indian family, a couple and two young sons below 10 occupying the entire stretch of one of the rows of seat in one mrt carriage. The parent can neither sit or stand properly and so are their children. All four of them had been falling here and there even when seated. The kids fell onto the floor several times. And so are their parent on the seats. Yes. I just knew that you can still fall even when you are seated. None of them likes to hold onto the pole and stand or sit upright. The whole family slanted here and there and they were also swaying here and there and at one time, the father who cannot even stand straight tried to hold his youngest son on top his shoulders and both of them fell onto this poor Chinese guy who had been trying to avoid them by standing two foot in front of the train door so that he will not block the commuters from coming in through the door and will also not be standing “into the Indian family’s compound” but he did not anticipate that the family will come onto him from behind. All of us were either seated on the opposite row or we went to the other carriages so that these four persons can have more space to themselves. I know that our pinky wants to suck up to them by importing any Tom, dick or harry from their country but they don’t really look like imported talents to me. They look like cheap labour.. sorry sorry. My friend working in government sector said that her whole IT department are from there. Where and how we can nurture our local IT experts?? ..sob..sob

  6. The comment is RACIST ! XENOPHOBIC ! CRUEL ! A young boy was killed. It is a human life ! Shame on this website to have this heading ! How are you going to be a Singaporean website for ALL SINGAPOREAN. Or only one for racists, opportunists, human rights activists, the loss causers, the opposition. As a Singaporean, so sad to see the headline even if it was made by others ! Don’t report it if your conscience say it is not right ! Don’t do it to get readership.

    • same like in my block one family receives the care from msf and cdc and even during meet the people session on monday he collects rice packet grocceries for free, but has a son who wears the best boots and try to tackle young tamil girls from india for free. its a free fre free world for this race. even in queenstown 1 rm flat ex jailbirds were seen taclking indian girls from MDIS, cheaping housing but wants the best women, why should i pay gst for this race man, they are getting it right by the government. time to leave for good.

  7. I am saddened to hear of the passing of this little boy.I am equally saddened by the mean comments of people here. It seems always to come from a certain quarter of people who seem to find joy in the midst of tragedy when it involves a particular sect of People. The hypocrisy is all too evident. They claim that their jobs are been taken away but have no second thoughts about sending their sons and daughters to accept lucrative job offers overseas. Arent their sons and daughter taking away jobs from the locals there? Why blame these job seekers.Which one of us wont accept a job overseas that offer us a decent living? Why not blame our Nations policys if you need to blame someone? These vile mouthed hypocrites passing these comments here cant seem themselves for what they are-Low level ,sub-human hypocrites!
    But let me qualify some remarks made here on some Indian expatriates who seem to ignore the dangers they expose their Children too with blatant disregard for their Childs safety which I have in truth observed several times with raging anger.At one instance, I had to rescue an expatriate indian little boy perhaps 3-4 years of age who was nearly knocked down by a reversing car, whilst the mother was completely engaged in merry coversations with her fellow expatriate housewives. She just allowed her Child to wonder knowingly as I had witnessed her actually observing her child traversing the distance.I had a lookout on the Child whilst she appeared completely oblivious to the lurking danger. This was not the first time I had seen such callous attitude toward safety from these indian expatriates. My wife and I had observed it numerous times and have commented on their indifferent attitude towards their Childrens safety. To these Indian expatriates, I just want to say, please take care of your Children if they are precious to you. One life lost is one too many. My condolences to the family of the 6 year old boy. Rest in Peace.

  8. These days we hv Bus drivers with poor mentality. When put on Hazard light n alight someone but they come Right behind ur car. Even horn at U. Even at Bus Bay , they simply on Right Signal n immediately drive out without looking at blind spot. Those idiots need to be suspended ! Sad a little boy lost his life. Surely , Bus drivers need exercise extra care n not to Rush to their schedule. Accident happen in Split seconds but can be prevented. Lta n Bus company need not put pressure on them only to find them more Sleepy on their Jobs!

  9. i have personally seen local and overseas bus drivers doze off while driving and speed turn at risky condition, their four point look out is really bad. for the past two years i have also given feedbacks to LTA on certain aspects of road traffic where malay women walk freely with independence but thus far no reply or changes to the system. all thanks to a minister who made millions.

  10. Maybe different cultures, this is singapore road here is like tiger mouth so alway hold your children hand when near road. Maybe in India hv difference to singapore. I feel sad for a lost of a child. GBU. When in Rome behave like a Roman

  11. indian married nationals at HP alexander are make used by filithy malay women for money…that one silently can lah…cause indian people money good but when indian people grieve want to show your ruggedness, dont think you wont face death.

  12. Its never the country or anything. However the misfortune happen is really the parent fault. Traffic light could be use and she should be holding the son hand. None would have happened if proper traffic rules and parenting is being abide.

  13. every body so mindful when this unfortunate event happends. So sensitive human dielah kids die lah what else KNN nobody ask how in the world this accident happend? this incident can be avoided if the irreponsible father and mother chose too but then again its too late so blame it on the rain dun blame it because some one die. SPF pls charge this deceased person mother and father let them rot and also sent out warning to all negligence father and mother the price they had to pay.

  14. It’s a life lost. What if it was your own kid or sibling or even your own parents? You will only understand the pain and the heart break if you go through it . And I pray no one does. It’s so ridiculous talking about race . Does race really mean so much to others nowadays? So ridiculous.