Town council files police report after video of teens doing parkour at 40-floor HDB Block emerges

Screengrab from YouTube (image not from story)

The Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council has filed a police report after a video made rounds on social media on June 23 of teenagers doing parkour stunts at the rooftop of a 40-floor Housing Board block in Clementi.

The video, which lasts more than 2 minutes, shows the teens ascending vertical ladders on the roof, scaling down the side of the block as well as jumping across roof gaps.

The exact location of the parkour stunts is 312A to 312C in Clementi Avenue 4, according to Lianhe Wanbao, a Chinese newspaper.

Access to the rooftops are normally limited only to authorized members of the block administrative staff, and access doors are kept locked.

It is highly likely that the film clip was taken sometime ago, while construction was still ongoing, and even before people moved into the units in the block.

This is not the first time that youngsters who practice parkour have gotten into trouble. When a group of teens crossed the railings of a Pan-island Expressway flyover as well as climbed the glass dome roof of Eastpoint Mall in Simei last year, the East Coast-Fengshan Town Council also filed a police report against them.

Earlier this year, two young men were given warnings by the police based on consultation with the Attorney-General.

Netizens responded to the story, harshly criticizing the teenagers for risking their lives.