Tourists help child relieve herself in trashcan just metres away from shopfront

Photo: STOMP

A few adults were spotted helping a child relieve herself in a trash can, this week. The incident, which occurred on Wednesday (21 Feb) afternoon at 63 Spottiswoode Park Road, was noticed by netizen Chris who shared photos of the incident online.

Chris shared that the adults appeared to be tourists and that they were helping the child relieve herself just metres away from a shopfront in the area. He told web-portal Stomp:

“I am a permanent resident (PR) and I have stayed in Singapore for over 20 years. The neighbourhood has both for commercial buildings and residential areas. 
“What my wife and I value about Singapore is its cleanliness. Letting a child relieve herself at a trash bin is definitely the low point. This sort of behaviour isn’t just shocking, it’s upsetting. This takes us back in time, not forward.
“Why couldn’t they have asked to use the toilet in the shop? These tourists sometimes also head up to residences and ask to use the bathrooms. Neighbours suffer, additionally from the throngs of tourists smoking, loitering, littering, shouting, … and now this! This just isn’t right.”