Total number of injured in Joo Koon train collision rises to 36


Over 30 individuals so far have suffered injuries in the train collision which occurred just a week after SMRT’s 30th anniversary of rail operations.

From 25, 28 and 29, the total number of injured has jumped to 36 after seven more individuals sought treatment at National University Hospital (NUH) and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital following the train collision at Joo Koon station yesterday.

6 of patients were walk-in cases – 1 of these 6 individuals sought treatment at NUH while the others were admitted at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. Another patient joined the others at Ng Teng Fong after he was conveyed there via ambulance.

SMRT and Land Transport Authority provided further details on the injuries sustained by commuters hurt by the collision, at a joint press conference yesterday.

LTA deputy chief executive of infrastructure and development Chua Chong Kheng said most of the injured commuters were treated for falls and bruises, while one suffered a face injury and a broken tooth.

Other commuters also suffered facial injuries when they crashed into the grab bars when the collision occurred.

Chua further added:

“Obviously the situation is not satisfactory, we are concerned and will work closely with SMRT on this.
“There’s also a technical bit here and we must be clear about responsibilities. This incident involve technical aspects and we need to iron those out with Thales.
“But ensuring the safety of our commuters remains our priority.”

SMRT’s Senior Vice President of Rail Operations on the North-South and East-West Lines (NSEWL), Alvin Kek revealed that care teams were deployed to help injured commuters and that SMRT has a compensation process in place for such events.

He added that commuters who had suffered injuries during the collision but did not seek medical assistance at the time may approach the duty officers at any MRT station for help.

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  1. See there you go ! Shouldn’t the police investigate this after all any car accident that involve injuries need to report to the police. So what happen with MRT accident ?

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  3. No one died so no need kick up big fuss lah . That 2 foreign engineers from smrt died while the train crashed upon them also no issue and people plus KBW and Desmond kuek also must have forgotten …
    Therefore these injured Singaporeans mai kao peh lah …. 2 lives also means nothing so what is a little bruise can do ? You guys are screwed in the xxx by the garmen every year also keep voting them in so I presume they must be pain resistance type .

  4. Rule 1: Never accept compensation for it can be used “against” you
    Rule 2: If temptation and greed to accept far outweighs your sensibility, slap self for reality check.

  5. Why didn’t the driver of the second train apply the brake when it first stopped 10 meters behind the first train? Is the software glitch thing just a cover up????

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