Topless woman who fell out of Simei flat is 27-year-old Indonesian domestic helper


More details are emerging about the topless woman who dangled out of a second-storey flat window at Block 233 Simei Street 4 and fell down despite her neighbours’ best attempts to help her. Videos capturing the incident have gone viral after they were shared online yesterday evening by Facebook user Grace Mayzon.

The woman who fell out of the flat is reportedly a 27-year-old domestic worker from Indonesia. The worker had been cleaning the window on a third storey flat with one foot balanced on the ledge and the other foot balanced on a bamboo pole but the pole gave way, causing the woman to slip.

A neighbour at the second floor tried to hold the slipping woman from falling further. The helper’s t-shirt apparently “gave way” and slipped off at this point. Despite the neighbour’s best efforts, the woman slipped and fell to the ground, breaking her fall on a 63-year-old elderly man who tried to catch her.

The woman reportedly suffered serious injuries but survived the incident that occurred on Thursday morning around 11.25am. Both the woman and the elderly Indian man were conveyed to Changi General Hospital (CGH) in a conscious state.

An eyewitness who witnessed the incident told reporters: “I was so scared. I couldn’t sleep well yesterday night.”

In a statement released yesterday, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said that investigations are underway: “The MOM was informed by the police about a fall from height incident involving a foreign domestic worker (FDW) on 26 April 2018. Employers of FDWs are required to provide safe working conditions and ensure their FDWs perform their duties according to the safe work practices stipulated by MOM. Investigations are ongoing.”

Topless woman falls out of Simei flat window despite neighbour’s best attempts to save her