Top 10 quotes of Transport Minister Khaw – nothing on the recent train delays


Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan has not said much regarding the recent train delays which has frustrated many commuters. One reason could be because he is in Vietnam, making promises to the Communist Party of Vietnam to share the People’s Action Party’s experience with them. Mr Khaw is the chairman of PAP.

Even though Mr Khaw has not said anything on the recent train delays, he is not usually tongue-tied. The following are Mr Khaw’s top 10 quotes.


“In Japan, the chairman and CEO would call a press conference, take a deep bow and, in the good old days, they may even commit hara-kiri.”


“I work hard, I earn more, my medisave is bigger. You’re lazy, you work less, your medisave is small.”


“Singapore will not be caught out by a shortage of hospital beds again.”


“If they cannot find jobs, what is the point? You own a degree, but so what? That you can’t eat it. If that cannot give you a good life, a good job, it is meaningless.”


“Singaporeans could consider living in nursing homes in Johor Baru. It would be cheaper.”


“In my recent bypass surgery, my hospital bill was $8 only; yes, no typo here.”


“HDB flat sizes are not shrinking.”


“When we said that families with $1,000 household income could afford two-room flats, we were not imagining things.”


“AIM was not an ordinary $2 company. It was set up by the PAP specifically… to help its PAP MPs do a better job running their town councils.. AIM was the only PAP-owned company.”


“A very popular Chinese opera, Butterfly Lovers, or Liang Zhu.. So there was this very young, beautiful, talented young lady, Zhu Yingtai, who wanted to study, so she disguised herself as a boy and succeeded in attending the school for three years.. People just assumed. So it’s a similar situation here, that the officers assessing the tender just assumed that it must be a company affiliated to some religious organisation.”

BONUS QUOTE: When a Hong Kong news agency broke the story that MRT trains were quietly shipped back to China for repairs.

source: Martyn See


  1. If you are paying obsence salary to Minister who cannot solve the problem for more than 2 years since he take over what differences does it make if you put a àh neh in that position both also cannot solved the problem only differences is you pay the àh neh peanuts and save ton and ton of tax payer money.

  2. Poor Minister Khaw. He is so disappointed that Singaporeans are not responding to his appeal to be more understanding and accept more of such train break down and disruption. Too sad beyond words.

  3. I just managed to convince and bring over one pro-pap voter. I had written this many times. 30%, we need to be patience with the 70%. We must understand they have been brain-washed for many years so it takes time to slowly change their mindset and convince them. 30%, let work together with the Opp Parties because it is not just their job but ours too. Speak to your family members, your relatives, neighbours, friends, the new citizens (tell them that they have been manipulated), specially students in the Secondary Schools, JCs, Poly, Uni, NS men and even strangers. Yes, we the 30% need to work hard too. Do not wait till election day. If I could change and convince one pro-pap voter, you too can do it.

  4. Nowadays, the train would stop for minutes at a number of stations without announcing any reason.
    Add up to extra minutes for every trip. May be to compensate for the deployment of fewer trains.
    Many escalators of various stations have been left idling for months, with the same message that they are under repair.

  5. Hmmmm…..heard the mei2 there power especially found in shopping centres.
    Since lots of savings having only paid $8/- for you know what, then have lots of spare for you know what lor…….SHOPPING !!! What were you guys thinking of ??????

    Have some respect for our Minister who is working “dogsbody” over our MRT system.

  6. On holiday la! All expenses paid as usual.
    A RESPONSIBLE Person will rush back and solve the problems.
    If for me I don’t think I can a good rest till I solve these problems.

  7. Now I can understand why I happen to sit in the train with rain water on the seat, surprised that the train has cracks, so is our transport system!
    Since the white take over Liu Tuck Yew, he rushed to Hong Kong to seek consultants
    If Hong Kong can managed so well without paying millions in salary, then we should replace the white cow by engaging operation manager from Hong Kong!
    Please pay the recruitment consultant to get the right talents to solve our transport problems
    If LKY is in office, he will act fast to solve our problems but not his son living in the castle!

  8. Singapore thinks that have a LHL government mean having an LKY government. They should remember LKY government is over, so are his guards. Today LHL and whipping boys are different. They are paid very very much more than LKY’s old guards. Who really contribute to the making of Singapore? The old guards. LHL and whipping boys are enjoying the fruits of the old guards.

  9. He is the Minister. He does not have to answer to anyone after the GE. LOL! Also, if anyone should answer questions, it should be the LTA CEO since it is the one carrying out the ‘new signalling system’ testing. No? p/s: he has done well to keep quiet on the LEEs’ tragic saga.

  10. Fellow citizens I’m kbw I’m sorry MRT breakdown is technical problem I don’t know ma if your heart breakdown I got experience look for me

  11. Today an announcement was made at kallang station that trains are moving slower because of cautious driving in wet weather – it was a hot and sunny then. Any how hantam ah?

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