Tokyo ranks number one for ‘bleisure’ in Asia Pacific, SG comes in second

Aside from the two cities, other cities that received five-star ratings were Sydney, Hong Kong, and Melbourne

Photo: YouTube screengrab

In a recent ranking among business travellers visiting the Asia Pacific, Tokyo was rated the best city in the region.

Tokyo was chosen for criteria such as business trips, infrastructure and beautiful venues in the city, as well as potential recreational and leisure events to enjoy while staying in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Singapore came in second, for business and leisure, popularly known as ‘bleisure’, based on The Economist report.

About 1,500 business travellers globally were part of the respondents who rated Singapore with five stars. The ratings involved several factors such as striking a balance between business activities, modern infrastructure, and exceptional leisure experiences.

Also, the study evaluated specific areas of the bleisure experience, which includes factors that make a business trip successful and what most travellers are searching for as leisure diversions.

Based on the findings, the ease of going around the city is the first consideration of a successful business trip. The second criterion involves peace and order in the streets or urban areas, along with the quality of business areas’ facilities.

With regard to leisure events, dining out is a major component in the selection. The local historical or heritage places and visiting an art museum or galleries rank second and third, respectively.

The report stated that the best cities cited for bleisure do not necessarily mean they are the most liveable cities.

Other rich cities, like Auckland, New Zealand, and Adelaide, are part of the top choices for liveable cities but were not rated as good places for bleisure.