Time Out survey: Singapore rates as lowly for culture by residents


Is Singapore such a boring place to visit? A recent survey by lifestyle publication Time Out, which has conducted a spot research to discover the most exciting city on earth said Singapore ended in the 31st spot, not even in the top 30 in the list of the most exciting cities in the world.

It is however ahead of Istanbul, Turkey which indicates that Istanbul, known as a popular destination is not what it seems to be.

Singapore, apparently dropped towards the bottom partly because its residents rated it lowly for culture, and partly because it seems to have been dogged by the old suggestion that the city is dull said the survey.

A Time Out response to the British newspaper The Telegraph said it is all not bad news for Singapore since its dining and drinking offerings shine, with 92 per cent of people rating the city positively for eating. Of that percentage, 42 per cent believe food in Singapore is amazing.

The Time Out City Life Index runs every year.

It questioned 15,000 people in 32 global metropolises, and they were asked to rank their home conurbation on variables such as food, drink, affordability, friendliness, culture, happiness and liveability.

But a local portal agrees with The Telegraph which says it has a bit of everything for travellers including its cleanliness, the reputation as a Fine city and the food.


  1. 2018 – 52 years since independence. Still press must be controlled. No peaceful demonstrations permitted, people are taught to be greedy and selfish , promote elitism, drill kiasu culture and complain no culture? Look at our public toilets, it reflects mentality of many. Still fight for car park, que up for freebies, and drive reckless. Better declare ourselves as cheap, developing modern country.

  2. Can be said that half the population is now aliens. Emboldened by PAP of local bashing, why would these economic workers take care of this place, which is not their native land? The decline is just plain common sense.

  3. in 1992 the PM of singapore visited thailand. he had an audience with the king. during dinner, they were served shrimps. the PM quizzed the king about what the thais do with leftover shells. the king replied, ”nothing, we just throw them away”. the PM’s reaction was, ”what a waste, in singapore we recycle leftover shells into shrimp crackers and export them to thailand”.

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