Three Men Almost Come to Blows over Uber Pool Argument


A video of three men getting into a heated argument and nearly coming to blows has been circulating online today. The incident took place at Millennia Walk.

The man filming the video is an Uber driver who confronted two men about a booking they allegedly tried to make. The driver accused the men of trying to book an Uber Pool ride and scam him by getting multiple trips out of one fare.

The other men allegedly cursed and sweared at the driver prior to the video being filmed. When the Uber driver confronted them over their treatment of him, they threw vulgarities at him before trying to stop him from filming them.

Argument between 2 passengers and Uber driver at Millennia WalkThreats and vulgarities were thrown around before it almost got physical

Posted by SingaporeGo on Thursday, 13 July 2017

The driver retorted that if they touch him or his phone, he will hit back in self defense.

The video ended abruptly. It is unclear at this point how the issue was resolved.



  1. You chose to drive for them didn’t you?

    U/G have been exploiting drivers to attract passengers for their own gains all along yet so many people still want to drive for them, blame who?

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