This travel startup has railways tracks, train compartments and roads in its office

Gurgaon-headquartered ixigo’s office reflects the spirit of a travel search engine

One of ixigo’s meeting rooms looks like an Indian train’s compartment

As you enter this company’s office in Gurgaon, you might wonder whether you are at the wrong place; the railway tracks on the floors of the corridors and the roads passing through the workstations could be deceiving.

The railway track passing through the workstation

Welcome to ixigo (acronym for ‘I explore I go’), one of the oldest search engines in India.

True to its name, this firm has carefully designed its office to reflect the true spirit of a travel search engine. The look and the feel will inspire you to explore the other wonders that it has prepared for its employees and visitors.

The company has three meeting areas adjacent to each other, which look like typical Indian train compartments. These meeting areas display railway seats along with sleeping berths and windows, and they give you the experience of sitting inside a train. If you have ever experienced a ‘sleeper class’ train journey in India, this meeting room could bring back those memories.

If you explore further, you can see a ‘national highway’ passing through the office.

Founded in 2007, ixigo aggregates and compares real-time travel information, prices and availability for flights, trains, buses, cabs, hotels, packages and destinations.

The firm claims it connects over 80 million travellers with content and deals from over 25,000 online and offline travel and hospitality businesses.

ixigo mainly competes with MakeMyTrip, Yatra, and Cleartrip.

ixigo is backed by SAIF Partners and Micromax, an Indian smartphone manufacturer.

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