“This is my market, you go down!” Pakcik chases rude customer away from Geylang hawker centre


A video of a confrontation between a Malay stall owner and an Indian customer has been going viral online. In the video, the Malay stall owner can be seen and heard chasing the Indian man away from the hawker centre:

It appears that the Indian man was creating a scene with a female stall owner and that the Malay man was simply protecting the woman.

One eyewitness, Mr Tan, shared online: “The indian man was heard hurling vurgarities to the stall makcik till stepping into the stall and this pakcik came over to stop his actions. He scold the makcik for the long queue but its the business which is good.”

Other eyewitnesses shared that the Indian man was drunk, behaving aggressively and even made inappropriate remarks to the stall owner’s daughter:

Another netizen claimed that the Indian man is a “mentally unsound” man who can often be seen at Little India “irritating” pedestrians with long rants:


    • Hey Anonymous, lets try if your daughter being subjected to such abuse, hurled profanities and being subjected to embarrassing situation. I supposed you will just standby the indian man and pat his back and smiled at your daughter? Or will you offer your daughter’s in marriage? I wonder?

  1. The video doesn’t show the Indian man aggressive. He was big size and could have walloped the Uncle. Even if he has used wrong words at his daughter, he need behave like this or rather called the Police. What he mean by ” my market ” ? He owns Geylang Serai food court? Or he is the big head?

  2. I don’t think he will use the that words repeatedly,’This is my market and don’t try me’ to all other Indians who patronize the market.
    It has never happen before.
    No doubt it’s a wrong choice of words used if he wanted dispel the aggressive drunkard Indian man if he wanted to maintain the peace.
    I forgive him because from the look of it that is the product you get from uneducated Malay old man who all his life only knew Geylang Serai his only enclave and perhaps never mixed much with other communities and never realized the sensitivities he will creat.

  3. If the Indian man was already creating problems why was the camera rolling then? Wouldn’t that prove the truth especially if the police are called to the scene?.. The video only shows a ranting Stall Owner who for no apparent reason claimed “This is my market” nothing he said referenced his anger or protection for his daughter etc. But that’s not in the video eh. Yes. Let everyone beat the Pariahs for no factual reason and then deal with the bite. Pitbulls are pariahs, try whacking it. Please. This time the camera will be rolling from start to end for the full story. Headline “Dog Attacks Innocent Passerby” with only the last 60 secs of the clip.

  4. Honestly. Watching the video it says a very different story for the title. And clearly there’s no concern for truth or justice here. Everyone is just looking for a reason to beat the Indian and continue the racial stigmas. Singapore not racist? When it starts to snow here then it may be true. Till then, BS.

  5. I think this was what most people thought transpired.

    Scene: Geylang market
    Cast: Pakcik (P), Indian Man (I), Kakak (K)

    It was afternoon. A nice Indian man was walking to a stall to get some stuff.

    I : Good afternoon Kakak, how are you today? May I order one milo dinosaur?
    K : Sure young man. You are so nice and polite.
    I : Thank you Kakak. We are all humans. I always make sure that I am courteous and nice to everyone, regardless of race or religion. Incidentally, your tudung is so nice!
    K : Oh thank you, I bought it at 2nd Chance.
    I : Oh how lovely. ( smiling sweetly to the Kakak)

    Meanwhile across the stall, a Malay Pakcik was staring. He was deep in thought.

    To himself,
    P : Hmm.. I’m almost 60 but I never got famous. I think it’s time I get famous. Look at that polite Indian man! (He looks around. There are other Chinese and Indians and Eurasians)

    P : (to himself) I think today I shall be racist to THAT Indian man. He needs to get out of MY market. I better wear this songkok so that everyone knows that I am Malay.

    Pakcik walks over to the nice and polite Indian man.

    P : Hey you! Why you here? This MY market! Get lost you Indian! There are other Indians here but I just have a problem with YOU!
    I : Pakcik, may I know what have I done wrong? I was just ordering a drink. Don’t be like that Pakcik, we are all humans right? (Smiling politely at the pakcik)

    Meanwhile the Kakak who was too happy that someone praised her tudung became stupid and kept quiet.

    P: You! Polite Indian man. Get lost! This is MY market. You don’t try me ah! Go you! This is MY market!
    I : (too shocked and remained quiet)

    To know what happened next, watch the video.

  6. Thanks for importing these people here. I was pushing my mother in a wheelchair to take a bus. One Indian sprung up in front me and asked for money. I said no have. He proceed to touch me inappropriately while my hands are in the wheelchair handle. Even if call police also no use, do you think police will catch them? Even if police want to catch them, they can always go back their own country and use a different passport to come back!

  7. Westwood principal is a Malay; the boys bashing up are Malays ; the Geylang hawker center my market is a Malay …. Halimah is a Indian Muslim … imagine the psychological damage done to that bashed up boy – as a parent – I will sue the kids and kids parents – I will sue the school … pink pussycats are not Chinese ?

  8. Hi FELLOW SINGAPOREANS. I am a Malay myself. I agree that majority of the stall owners there are arrogant and rude. I myself witnessed several times of how the stall owners treated their customers. It’s not like we ate there for free or buy back for free yet the way they treated us so rudely. To say this is MY MARKET and going vulgar is just not right n gracious at all for a Pakcik to wear songkok AND the guy who took the video was rude too. I saw no aggression from the INDIAN GUY n also the Pakcik did not mentioned about his daughter at all. Why so dramatic n I think it’s so insensitive to behave that way. “PAKCIK FYI GEYLANG IS NOT YOUR MARKET” “ALSO FYI THE STALL ALSO YOU SEWA PAKCIK”! Please please please this is so racist!!!

  9. Minta maaf sblmnya.. jjr.. ada beberapa penggerai makanan di pasar gelang selalu berkelakuan sombong dan kasar.. pembeli tak boleh he’ go’ sikit.. mereka sering bermasam muka… so arrogant… majikan saya seringkali jd mangsa… just karna beli nasi $3 mnta sdkt kuah rendang, macik tuh berkata ” awak cuma beli $3 jngn nak minta lebih lebih !!!” Dgn nada kasar…. mata dan telinga saya menjadi saksi.. so sad tolong pakcik macik banyak sabar & istighfar

  10. Bloody stupid animal with songkok … want to show off in front of others and picking on a foreigner. Next time pick on a Singaporean, so at least we get to see you in the video being trashed. Just wearing the songkok does not make you a wiser man then the rest but make shame of Islam. If you don repent you rot in hell real soon.