“The rule of law has been mercilessly mocked and denigrated” – Chee Soon Juan on PE2017

Opposition politician Chee Soon Juan harshly criticised the outcome of the Presidential Election 2017 that was released this week, that former Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob would be the next head of state via walkover since the two other hopefuls do not qualify for the presidential race since they do not meet revised eligibility requirements.

Republishing his party, the Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) official statement on his personal Facebook page, Dr Chee indicated that the ruling People’s Action Party has “manipulated the system” to get one of its own into power, and that the PAP should be condemned for its “contempt” of the constitution:

“The walkover of the Presidential Election comes as no surprise. The PAP had changed the rules and revised the criteria of the Elected Presidency to pave the way for Ms Halimah Yacob to assume the office.
“Nevertheless, this is a sad day for Singapore. The rule of law has been mercilessly mocked and denigrated. The contempt the PAP has shown for our constitution and our flag which symbolises the ideals of democracy, unity and progress must be roundly condemned.
“By doing what it has done, the PAP has shown yet again that its only goal is to strengthen its grip on power. That the goal is detrimental to the interests and progress of Singapore is of secondary concern to the party.
“It is bad enough that the PAP has manipulated the system to get one if its own to become the president. That it has dangerously played the race card and divided the people to achieve this must be of grave concern to all Singaporeans.
“The SDP protests this outcome in the strongest manner possible.”

The walkover of the Presidential Election comes as no surprise. The PAP had changed the rules and revised the criteria…

Posted by Chee Soon Juan 徐顺全 on Monday, 11 September 2017


Halimah Yacob will be sworn in as the eighth President of Singapore tomorrow at 6pm at the Istana.


  1. Do PAP have conscious or do any members of PAP. By being truthful to yourself and have a good conscious, you will sleep in tide without nightmare, if not you are cheating on your conscious and cheating on your fellow Singaporean.

  2. To them, they are the law. Can do/say/changes as when they want. For the sake of power….benefit themselves…..Making themselves a Laughing Stock to the WORLD. Living in their own world, human being without inner soul/conscious

  3. if u think about, why shd PAP go to the extent to influence the appointment of president? except for being the main cast of NDP, a president in spore has no other decision making power. so if the oppositions want to bash, please la use your head n think first

  4. It doesn’t matter which race reign to be President, I don’t even care at all. But racism cannot be condoned. Government has shown their true color, so let’s wait for next GE to swing away.

  5. Look online and there is a serious division among races. A government must never ever meddle with a person’s race, ethnicity, religion or culture. One that does so has no idea and no place in governing the people because they have lost their morale compass.

  6. I call upon the God in heaven to pour down torrential rain upon the unjust pap and flush out these evildoers before the swearing even takes place! Let them be served justice vehemently!

  7. Our country really really need more opposition parties in the parliament. If not everything is already fixed by the ruling party and citizens that still doesn’t wake up, the next younger generation is sure to suffered by the wrong decision that the previous 69.9% had made!

  8. So far not even any qulifly Malay willing to come forward to be chopped All in their comfort zone!!’only this unqualified So call lawer not financial planner willing to step forward as reserved and dominated token president Its fooled all Singaporean ??Can you put yourself forward to repect an unqualified Indian Muslim pretend to Malay A gteat great disgraced to the Race!!!

  9. Sg politics becomes
    Comic Cartoon Communist….
    Since it was a reserve election why didn’t the election board drop the criteria for candidates to stand up for election….?

  10. This Reservered Election is against all democratic norms. It shows how abusive this govt is. Furthermore they dont want to hold By Election. Who the hell they think they are ? I think LHL has crossed the red line. His party has only scored own goal. Countdown for their fall started.

  11. She still ok only that EP disqualified the two guys , if come to cast vote she may win , better let Singaporean vote not this way also made her feel bad too , she not the one ask to disqualified the guys ,

  12. guys it time to wake up no more PAP…. the time for being an idiot in Singapore is over. and PAP WILL BE ERASE in the next election

    if you guys still like things

    happy happy rise power tax
    water tax, gas tax

    MRT keep breaking down BUT STILL RISE FARE and said never make money but behind MRT HIGH UP STAFF SALARY KEEP GOING UP SO MUCH

    so COE go up soooooo much yes is to control the number of car but do we really need it to cause so expensive??

    BEST IS OUR CPF money why do we need to take put at age 55 up when is our money ??? we work hard for it and the letter come it will said of you agree do not reply but spme old people can’t read so how???

    is our system fair to us all

    why support PAP when most of them site behind do nothing for the people and suck our tax money to get pay to come out stupid rules that don’t improve our daily life??? but make it worse


    if LKY IS Still alive this will NEVER HAPPEN as you all can see same money is the main issue Power at hand to destroy the WEAK NOT HELP THE WEAK ANY MORE

    PAP IS THE PUPPET MASTER good at put up show but don’t really understood where SG is moving. the younger generation will suffer more time to come


  13. Their unethical, self-serving strategy has tainted all their party members and office bearers. I’m sure there must be opposing camps within the party wanting to do the right thing right. Surely it can’t be all of them are so oblivious to the obvious.

  14. From LKY on governing Singapore, but sadly the present PAP politicians only got excuses.
    “You’ve got to do one of two things when you’ve got to keep people happy: either, give them something that will satisfy them, better food, better clothes, better homes; or if you can’t do that, then give them the vision of greatness to come”.

    — At a luncheon held by the Australian Institute of Management at the Australia Hotel, Sydney, Australia, 22 March, 1965

  15. The boss likes to eat nasi pandan & nasi beryani, hence there will be minority reserved president whether you like it or not. The G would amend the constitution to suit their taste. From this lesson, we the voters must wake up and do what is right in the next GE by voting them out. This is done for our next generation sake.

  16. They will want to stay in power for as long as is possible!!! The only thing that can change that is when Singapore becomes bankrupt and the people in the Island fight each others … like foreigners going against locals or PRC vs Anehs of India. Malaysia Chinese against Local Malays. The rich leaving the country for better places…. them we will find ourselves…. with nothing!!! And no one good enuf the lead us our of the hell hole we created ourselves if not for us for our children and grand children

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