Police urge public not to circulate unsubstantiated messages on terror attacks in Singapore


The police are urging members of the public not to circulate unsubstantiated information which may cause public alarm. They were referring to a text message circulating on WhatsApp, warning of potential terrorist attacks this month in popular shopping areas such as Orchard Road. Some had also taken to Facebook to share the same message.

The police said: “Members of the public are reminded to stay vigilant and to report suspicious activities/persons/items to the police. We can all contribute towards SGSecure and help ensure that the safety and security of our friends and loved ones are not compromised.”

The Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam speaking to the Foreign Correspondents Association in Singapore last week said that the threat of an extremist attack was higher now than earlier this year as hardline Islamists are increasingly pushing their agenda in neighbouring Indonesia.