The Malay pushback to the HLP protest



Former Member of Parliament, Mr Maidin Packer made a comment on Facebook about the sit-in protest organised by civil activist Gilbert Goh, which will take place tomorrow at Hong Lim Green.

Mr Packer asked people to put this matter into perspective and to consider the ramifications of what some segments of our society are doing in the name of being fair and open.

Some netizens have voiced out openly about the unfairness of the electoral process and for denying Tan Cheng Bock of his presidency and have rallied around Gilbert Goh to put-up a strong protest tomorrow. This comes at a strong price of keeping the peace between the various racial groups, some feel.

Another Malay Singaporean said that netizens have also put-up various posts, further exacerbating the issue. Their posts have attracted much vitriol and resentment against the government and some members of the Malay community have asked people to exercise calm in this matter.

To put it into perspective, the Malay community have sacrificed much for the sake of unity and progress of Singapore. There have also been feedback in the past about Malays not given key appointments in the military. A sore point among some Malay youths and their disenfranchisement from the mainstream may lead them to seek alternative paths, which may pose as a threat to Singapore and the region.

Mdm Halimah’s appointment as a Malay president comes after 47 years – even though one may argue about her Malayness, or the lack of it, she has been acknowledged as a Malay by members of the Malay community. We should put this matter behind us and move on, they said.

Now that the Malay leaders have spoken-up, pushing the current line of argument of “unfairness of the system” will only rapture the delicate race balance in Singapore.


Some people are organising a protest against Reserved Presidential Election tomorrow @Hong Lim Park. They claim it is for fairness & an open system. This year’s EP was RESERVED FOR THE MALAYS.

They can do as they wished. I only wish to ask the organiser/s & supporters:

(i) Did you protest when the Government build SAP schools RESERVED FOR THE CHINESE?

(ii) Did you protest when Malay-Muslims were not recruited to serve the military [NS or full-time]? Thus well-paying jobs in our armed services were RESERVED FOR NON-MALAYS / NON-MUSLIMS.

Why you only protest against an EP RESERVED FOR THE MALAYS? It involves only ONE JOB OPPORTUNITY & ONCE AFTER 47 YEARS!

And you do it for fairness & an open system? Come on! Let’s not lose our ability to give & take in some cases. I thought we are used to it. All for the sake of national unity.

by Maidin Packer

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  1. Another stupid article. People are not protesting becoz it is an election reserved for the Malay or Chinese or Indian race. People are protesting becoz it is rigged for a party’s advantage i.e. abuse of power to deny ppl the right to vote for the candiate they think should be up there. Thats what pissed ppl off.

  2. This is all hogwash. We are protesting because of injustice when it comes to constitutional rights. We have been outmanuvered umpteen times by a very evil man who abuse the law for his own survival. There is much to hide on the CPF issue and we want accountability. So stop talking rubbish Mr. Packer. This is not about race after all. It’s about criminal acts going unpunish. You are part of the system of failure towards your own race. Why did you not speak up about the issues you mention. Don’t be a hypocrite. Just shut up.

  3. So did Mr Maidin and his fellow PAP Malay MPs fought for for Malays for top jobs in the SAF or a non-chinese Prime Minister? When you point one finger at others, another five points back to you.

  4. Put it in this perspective: if our fellow Malay citizens begin to share similar views of a well educated and respectable ex-MP/PS like Mr. Maidin Packer, Singapore is in deep trouble.

    The issue about our unhappiness is not about race; only the G is playing the race card, not the citizens. We are angry and disappointed simply we are short-changed by the G, who had used their numerical advantage in parliament, cunningly exploited the system to achieve their goal to prevent a popular candidate to participate in PE2017.

    Never mind if the popular Mr. Tan Cheng Bock is a Chinese, if he had been an Indian, an Eurasian or even Malay, we will still vote for him if he had taken part in this PE. It was never about race, it was all about fairness and the integrity of the system.

    Remember Goh Chok Tong clearly wrote in his condolence letter to the late Mr. Ong Teng Cheong’s family which he clearly stated Mr. Ong, being the first elected President… why wasn’t the challenge of this addressed by the G?

    Think about it.

  5. Maidan was a piss and puke mp. Not surprisingly, he chose to distort what people are trying to do. To say that people are protesting a Malay becoming the president he is using falsehood to stir up racial animosity. People are not happy with a badly manipulated system not the person and definitely not because she’s ‘Malay’ but the person is a symbol of the system

    As to whether people protesting the those different events that he mentioned, (1) not everyone was old enough at those respective times to be protesting, maybe many were not yet born (2) there was no HL Park or a designated location to hold ‘approved’ mass protests and so to do so will lead to heavy hand persecutory action (3) some of those events were only known to the general public much later

    Finally I like to ask this insider in regard to limitations on Malays in the SAF, he was in a much better position than us but what did he do for his own race?

  6. If anyone which goes wholeheartedly into serving Singaporeans, it doesn’t matter to me whether he is a Chinese, Malay, Indian or Eurasian. The current establishment targets EVERYONE that it can get its hands on, regardless of race, language or religion. Calm yourself, open your eyes and look hard.

  7. Madison Packer don’t be a hypocrite.
    We are against your Party for conspiring to put a Selected President in place. Denying the citizens to right to vote our own President, whether Malay or otherwise. The other two Malay candidates are just as qualfied as the chosen one.

    • President is a figure head with limited executive power to usage of past reserves, apptments to civil service. Sitting president only act upon advicse fm cabinet. So what he/she do for ppl on his own accord? Nothing but just doing the fat pay.

  8. One can also ask the question where were the malay MPs when SAP schools were being considered. Where were they on the issue of NS and the naval fleet. Where were they on the tudung issue?

    This sad EP farce isn’t drawn along racial lines. So those who choose that narrative should think seriously about how dangerously they are playing with fire.

  9. Singaporeans, beware of PAP Dogs circulating this message aim to DIVIDE & CONQUER US using DISCRIMINATORY racial policies & issues. PAP is the one who set these DISCRIMINATORY racial policies & issues NOT Singaporeans. PAP IS THE CULPRIT & OUR COMMON ENEMY !

    Watch Dr PJ Thum video HOW PAP USE CIMO boxes (divide us into CHINESE, INDIAN, MALAY, OTHER RACES) to set discriminatory policies and issues to make us fight AMONGST OURSELVES instead of fighting against PAP Culprit & Our Common Enemy !

  10. I guess to the Malays, as long as they have a ‘Malay’ in a token position, they’re happy.

    Too bad for them then. I wouldn’t be surprised if the PAP actually factored in how easily they can be placated before proceeding with this elaborate farce.

    The protest is not against a Malay presidential election.

    It’s protesting the govt abusing its powers, part of which is taking advantage and making use of the Malays to hold on to their power in governance.

  11. if i am not mistaken, maidin packer is also of indian origin and a former PAP MP and like one commentator asked did he do anything for his community? did he voice out regarding the lack of malays in key position in the military for starters? and the malay leaders are all leaders aligned to the PAP! enough of this nonsense. since they started it, we have the right to ask uncomfortable questions. no more sweeping it under the carpet.

  12. If we look at things from a higher angle, taking into account political, social, economic factors etc, and thinking deep and hard, and not just those talk and talk without real responsibilities, I really agree with MP. Frankly, I worry about the quality of analysis and about those intellectual shallow arguments that create racial divisive debates. I sometimes wonder if certain quarters are deliberate and if so, what interests are being served. As I said, process wise can dealt with separately. Give time for the process issue to settle and handle them through existing mechanisms. For now, I can say HY is a good person. More importantly, unifying the country is critical, rather than those that seek to divide. And if there are challenges, will those who only talk stand in the line of fire ! This is something that all should do some soul searching.

  13. Please this got nothing to do with race … Everyone is against how things were handled and pls do not create race issue out of this… or else we will be trapped and being diverted from the real issue….

  14. You are a bloody damn hypocrite maideen Parker. You were one of the mp when this issues arises. What were you doing during that period of time? Sleeping and collecting the allowences. What happens to the Malay today is also part of your fault. So shut the fuck up.

  15. Talking bout prospective more like it….!
    It’s bout the fairness of electoral rights and how this came about.
    Who the fuck cares bout race, colour or that fucking creed.
    Maybe should report your ” article “….. You are just being condescending by your party “rights”…
    Snake should stay in their pits, now your out of your pit than its time to chop of its head.

  16. I support affirmative action for Singaporean Malay, so long as it is what they wanted. In this instance, many Singaporean Malays have rightfully voiced their disapproval of the government action holding them hostage to achieve other agenda. So the Singaporean Malays should join this protest because this protest is not against reserving the presidency for Malays. If Mr ex-pap mp wants to perceive this protest as against Malays special privileges, it is up to him but don’t project that onto others. This protest is to tell the government not to abuse Singaporeans including Malays anymore. Enough is enough.

  17. To be objective, let’s not stand for unfairness, if there are areas that a certain quarter of the population feels unfairly treated, it’s best to surface objectively with the relevant authority, be it the military or whichever ministry to seek redress. But come off it, let’s not play the racial card by accusing others of using it as a reason! Kids play, really. This isn’t against any race really. But if the people in charge or the authority turns it to a racial one, let the blood be upon their hands!!!
    This is because it’s not about race at all, no?

  18. We protest cause Pioneer PAP leaders created our Singapore pledge but now going against the pledge and moving away as a democratic country.

    No need to ask about army high position reserved for particular race, etc. which is just a diversion of the current debate, (The Elected President) which all races whom are from Pioneer generation to second generation to current generation should voice are their opinions

  19. She could have chosen not to turn up on Nomination Day, to pave the way for open elections.

    The Elected Presidency is only in its fourth term, before she assumed the seat. How sure are we that the electorate would not choose her when she is in fact supported by the Establishment?

    If the support for her is really that great, then there is undue concerns that she may not win the Elections.

    The whole process is just unacceptable.

    Mahatma Gandhi on means and ends: “if i want to deprive you of your watch, i shall certainly have to fight for it; if i want to buy your watch, i shall have to pay for it; and if i want a gift, i shall have to plead for it; and, according to the means i employ, the watch is stolen property, my own property, or a donation”

  20. We have never identified ourselves as Chinese Singaporean or Malay Singaporean or Indian Singaporean BUT SINGAPOREAN. I am worried that our government is trying to classified us according to our RACE.

  21. Singaporeans have sat back and reviewed and since a long time most are united, an irony, in their views of the selected Presidency. Yes most Singaporeans are for once united. The incumbents have finally achieved this. Most are not against any Malay being a president. It is the process which undignified this role. Singaporeans are ready for a minority PM. Would the incumbents put a Malay as one of the future PM instead of the current all Chinese all male line up? Who were the ones that claimed Singaporeans as not ready. And seriously as a exMP and a minority, what has he done to help this community? besides of only now standing up to claim this is event was a protest of a Malay President. ‘Move on’ ? A typical rhetoric of the incumbent when they can explain their way of their mess?

  22. Packer! Watch what you say! Show us evidence that SAP schools were reserved for Chinese! Don’t stir racial unrest with improper facts. Indians, Chinese n all races were admitted according to academics. If a certain is unable to match, it is biological issue as Dr Mahathir put it. How did become an MP? Your bloody good looks? Please look at the mirror…

  23. Biase opinion’s from a former MP to his paymasters… Using race as an issue but not look at the issue of integrity by our own govt. I have mentioned to him too that these people are blind

    • is it? How come it does sound that way. I’m not twisting my words my Friend. I’m just following the directions of a “Reserve Malay” election. Sorry did I read wrong there was a race mention there? Hmm or was it Indian. my bad.

  24. if I were a pro-pap dog, rest assured I will engineer something similar to ‘Roy’s heckling’. and turn the table against the pro-TCB camp.

    gilbert is an emo-old bag, a fertile conduit for counter-anti-establishment.

    tread rationally, not emotionally.

  25. My Malay bro and sis are never the problems. The roots of the problem is the gov. The race game played by the current gov is what we concern. For many years we work together to become ONE Singaporeans but this “S”election is tearing us apart. So sad.

  26. “Let’s not lose our ability to give & take in some cases. I thought we are used to it”, u say? Enough is enough i say. Stop playing a fool with the citizens as and when you and your bosses feel like it. We the citizens have endured enough of give and takes from the PAP. Period.

  27. Mr Maiden Packer, since u know all those racism occurring during your time, what did u do? We dont see any Malay MPs doing anything about it. Not only u did not fight for malay rights, u were against it. When Mr Faisal fight for Malay rights, all the malay pappies put him down. Sorry to say the malay pappies are only wayang puppets. Nobody is against HY. We majority malays are very shameful that she was used as a parachute president. So what if this post comes once in 47yrs?? Where are ur ‘maruah bangsa’?

  28. stupid maidin, are you going crazy?

    many sgs are not against a malay president. but is halimah a malay? why play the race card? you are crying discrimination, and now using the race card to falsely accuse those who are v upset of racism.

    the whole scam was just to make use of her to keep tan cb out. why maidin, you still cannot see? we not against reserved malay president. reserved indian president.

  29. stupid maidin, are you going crazy?

    many sgs are not against a malay president. but is halimah a malay? why play the race card? you are crying discrimination, and now using the race card to falsely accuse those who are v upset of racism.

    the whole scam was just to make use of her to keep tan cb out. why maidin, you still cannot see? we not against reserved malay president. reserved indian president.

  30. Packer is side tracking. We didn’t protest because it is a Malay community to be president. We protest unfairness because it was kelong. We protest because we were not given to vote. It was a one way dictatorship.

  31. This chap has fed off the gravy train for too long and has affected his mental faculty and objectivity. Please, the EP has never been about race or religion until the government decided to play that card. After 52 years of nation building we have regressed into racial/religious criteria in the “selection” of our President which is what pisses off many of us. At the very least let us have some semblance of competition, even if it is a reserved election, like everything else in Singapore.

  32. No surprise of such comments come from a PAP former MP. His argument is out of focus which is on the entire so called election processes including the change of constitution for gaining political advantage by the pinky! He should provide an answer if the fake Malay President was ELECTED through voting OR SELECTED by the dictator pinky?

  33. SIgh… unfortunately, some angkat bodek are still enjoying the broken system to understand the crux of the matter. However, this bugger is not alone though. But, fortunately, not all are equal moron like this Pecker !!!

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