Featured News The Internet laughs at girl who thinks National Day is Lee Kuan...

The Internet laughs at girl who thinks National Day is Lee Kuan Yew’s birthday




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Netizens have been circulating a screenshot of a tweet by Twitter user Sharon Liew, in which Liew says she is sleepless with excitement over the late Lee Kuan Yew’s birthday that is coming up in a few days:

Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s birthday is on 16 August, and it appears that Liew had mistaken National Day – the day that commemorates Singapore’s independence from Malaysia – that falls on 9 August for the late elder statesman’s birthday.

Social media was abuzz with netizens sharing the tweet and laughing at Liew’s “bimbo” moment, after Facebook user Audi Khalid flagged the photo online. Khalid’s Facebook post has already garnered over 800 shares.

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While the majority of Singaporeans online have poked fun at Liew, some Singaporeans took her tweet more seriously and asserted that she is an example of a “brain-washed citizen” who blindly consumes “propaganda”:

It, however, appears that the joke is on Singaporeans and not Liew. A quick check of Liew’s Twitter page shows that she frequently posts such outlandish thoughts that seem deliberately geared at getting a reaction from netizens.

Here are some of her recent tweets that appear to be purposefully inflammatory:

It appears that local website SGAG has also banned Liew from their Twitter page:

Another tweet that shows Liew knew what the date of National Day is proves that Liew is just a troll who enjoys getting a rise out of people:

Even Liew’s Twitter profile picture appears to be a fake picture. Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post shared the picture in an article on online dating applications, way back in 2015:


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