Lifestyle Arts The G3sha releases new single supporting Hong Kong protesters

The G3sha releases new single supporting Hong Kong protesters

The song is titled Big Baby and has an upbeat melody




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Singaporean artiste The G3sha is releasing a lead single from his upcoming mixtape, “Chill.”

Titled  “宝贝 big baby”, it is a letter of support to Hong Kongers.

Currently, Hong Kong citizens are protesting against the proposals to allow extradition to mainland China.

The protests started in June this year with critics fearing this could undermine the city’s judicial independence and endanger dissidents.

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Hong Kong is a former British colony and it has some autonomy and more rights than the mainland under a “one country, two systems” deal.

Carrie Lam, the city leader agreed to suspend the bill, but demonstrations continued and developed to include demands for full democracy and an inquiry into police actions. The bill was finally withdrawn in September.

Clashes between police and activists have been becoming increasingly violent, with police using tear gas and activists storming parliament.

The song has an upbeat tone which is completely different to the content and lyrics of the song.

The G3sha highlights the dirty tactics of a “big bully of the east” and encourages the millions going through repression to let them know, they are not alone.

Produced by Multi-Platinum producer Freek van Workum “宝贝 big baby”is a chill & uptempo record with a bittersweet melody.

“宝贝 big baby” AVAILABLE AT

Soundcloud | Youtube |Lyrics

The G3sha (pronounced geisha)’s recent single was released in July 2019 and it was called “I’m OK”.

It was featured on international media.

Previously another single was released in April 2019, “Pei Pa Koa (枇杷膏)” which was featured on hear65 andMen’s Folio.

It was streamed onRadio Primco. The music video for “Pei Pa Koa (枇杷膏)” has garnered 5K views

The youtube skit in collaboration with Tropic Monsters TV “ That Friend Who Thinks He Is HIP HOP AF!” | TMTV | (WITH GIVEAWAY) has garnered 13K views

● Top Swedish earphone brand, SUDIOwas the official earphone sponsor for “Pei Pa

Koa (枇杷膏)”

The G3sha’s Youtube has garnered 456,081 views and his Instagram page ( @joshuasusu) has 37 K followers.

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